What We're Working On: Heist Week 2

Buff Talismans? No hexblast changes to actually make the skill feel good? Grand Heists still bugged probably 3 weeks into a 3 month league? Rewards effectively nerfed? At this rate it will be a month before the league content is ready for players to play.

No supporter pack from me this time. Too much Open Beta when you've had years of learnings to be able to judge how much scope you can put into a league.
Nice changes, but a little too late since many have already quit the league.
Okay, and a stash inside grand heist?
it's very frustrating not being able to get out of there with all the currencys we dropped.

(._. )
Grand Heist Stash please.
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F1nalshock wrote:
We have completed a large pass on Heist rewards. Our current plan is to increase the value of various reward types such as... Talismans

Are you guys listening to us at all? You can't increase the value of talismans without significantly reworking them to allow annoints and influences. They're worthless. Increase their value by removing them from the game.

Completly agree with that.

The only question atm is, what we will do when the Heist Locker is full with contracts, which will be the case in a few days.

Selling them would not work because nobody wants to do this useless timwaste.

I think Navali will have to take them then :/
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I'm Lord Kalus and I approved this message.
On Saturday, we fixed the most common client crash.

ahah, no. no, you didn't.
Releasing core league content(bosses) after 3 weeks (possibly more) into the league is a joke. I am sure you realize the severity of this issue, right?

One more thing: Your league bleeds because people are losing grand heist instances. Hence, they don't do it. So basically... It's standard with extra steps. Don't disrespect your own creation like this. This game and this league deserve more.
Can you please give us an explanation or an update on why did you 'kill' the alert from guards mechanic? Yes, the kiting was silly, but it could've been substituted with gaining alert on aggro or over time and in much lower amounts.

This is not in the spirit of GGG to outright 'kill' an entire league mechanic. Many people actually enjoyed sneaking. Yes, sneaking isn't core to an arpg, but this league is the only chance to sneak in PoE we'll EVER get! Why get rid of it so soon!?

If this was removed because of the players that were impatient or bored, then let me tell you: You'll never satisfy that crowd. Judging by the recent comments, you might as well remove locks and doors, and make rogues run straight through the laser traps.

Hope to hear something on this topic soon and I hope you guys can bring the sneaking part back in some form, maybe some sort of heroic mode for heists?

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