What We're Working On: Heist Week 2

Thank you for all your work but I still have crashes in heist and massive lag when void sphere is active please fix that.
"Piety... betray me, and I WILL have your head."
IGN:EmbracerOfDeath level 100 Righteous fire Marauder Chieftain.
Keep up the good work guys!

Big pog
Keep up the good work!
my wife left me
Its like the league was released untested... again

Thank you for fixing this but to be honest im kinda burnt out by the league at this point.
Self-curse fix soon? :)
Just remove the dang observer totems! WTF
Still hoping for a performance fix for taking constant damage when using the Mind Over Matter and TheAgnostic keystones together
What about dash being locked out by shield charge being used in melee?
hoping for fix to bluescreens on vulkan renderer :(

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