What We're Working On: Heist Week 2

Awesome 👍
GGG --->Heist --I am not angry i am just dissapointed

Still i have hope poe is really good game i will still play lamao

TLDR Harvest was drug now we are in rehab [Dnt do drug kids if you do dnt stop doing it ]
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Can we get a manifesto regarding the removal of guard alert, entirely?

While the kiting meta was obviously a negative consequence of alert-on-kill, many people expected it to be shifted to on-aggro or alert-over-time-after-aggro: not removed entirely.

For those who enjoyed the tension of the start of heists in the first four days, this change has been an extremely negative one, and so far the only explanation we've been given is "We killed this".

Can you please elaborate on why such a drastic and controversial measure was taken in lieu of one that would have allowed clearspeed builds to function, without removing so much of the league's mechanic and flavour, and fundamentally undermining so many other systems, such as:

heist affixes
rogue gear affixes
rogue inherent perks

and generally removed the tension from the first half of heists?

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Nice, thanks GGG
LESS talisman drops please!
seems good .... thx
learning is a painful process ... knowledge is the most deadly weapon.
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Fps feels really bad, says im getting 80-90 but feels & looks like 20 or 30 fps on my screen.
i'm not gonna touch these tab affinities for at least a month. i bet it will be bugged and eat items.
grand heist final door not being open by isla/ karst is fixed ?????? I did not run any blueprints in a week and it's getting annoying.
PoE 2077

Einhar: Wake the fuck up exile we have Wraeclast to burn and beasts to capture!!
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