What We're Working On: Heist Week 2

ty <3
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I am glad I am not the only player who hates talisman's....they should have either been removed when annoints were introduced or made an exception to corruption so they can be annointed. Removing them is likely the easiest solution.
Although many of the proposed changes do seem appropriate and to me personally are attractive on paper i would like to state before more changes occur... Making the Rouge Harbor an instance where in players could see one another was not a mistake. Its perfectly understandable why the decision was made to change the Harbor to an individual instance, but (and forgive me for a lack of better words) it really sucks to move through what is realistically a very large and now entirely empty hub.

As silly and small as it sounds... chasing around players while they run around talking to their rouges, running circles around goobers positioned in such a way to show off their MTX, showing off your own MTX... Was really fun. It was a step in the right direction and it made the game feel as though it isn't just a a single player offline experience. Please consider implementing such hubs again in the future, they were really nice while we had them.

Also plz consider nerfing voice line frequency slightly. the word "Zooterkins" is going to put me in an early grave.
Shine Boldly, So That All May Find You When The Night Comes.
good but heist league is still the worst league so far
do something Legion league like stuff bring us the joy

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