What We're Working On: Heist Week 2

To make Talisman more valueable and something different

Talisman could increase your luck for things to spawn

Talisman for better/more Strongboxes on maps
Talisman for a higher Nico /sulphide chance
Talisman for higher gem spawn chances
Talisman for higher Divination Card spawn chances

just some samples
so much simping for ggg in these "update" threads, its pretty cringe, ngl.

Every league its the same old crap. Its like they don't have a QA team to test the game before they release it. Anyone play testing heists before the league started would have caught the amazing amount of bugs and problems.

I've ran over 200+ regular contracts so im well aware of the issues plaguing heist right now.

Doors being slow to open on brute strength missions.

Agility missions being extremely slow (waiting upwards of 10 seconds for them to flip through the lazers)

Demolition missions taking forever to set the charge, the rogue getting stuck on himself and them spamming moving in place until you move further away for them to do their shield animation to blow the barrel.

All rogues getting stuck "fighting" mobs even after you click the button to start the opening until you run back, kill the mobs for them, then move them a little bit and then run back to click the button again....

Alert totems being the most retarded mechanic in the perception missions... even when i found out that these things existed and started to look for them to kill them, they still raised my alert level to where sometimes i couldn't even make it half way until the lockdown started..

Tons of "general" large reward room loot, not nearly enough focused loot based on the rogue type and job type...

Exp... yeah non-existent. I spent hours and hours doing these contracts and the exp is abysmal.

Yeah this league just doesn't feel fun with the state it was released in, and quite frankly, im tired of ggg using us as their QA team to fix their league mechanics for a set of content that only lasts 3 months.

How about change your content release model and spend an extra month polishing and playtesting your new leagues before releasing it? Or are the chinese overlords pressuring you to keep a 3 month cadence to milk all the poe whale simps with your overpriced mtx? (as clearly evidenced in this thread).
Stash Tab Folders are nearing completion. We will then be doing extensive internal testing. As soon as they're ready to go, we will be patching them in.

Maybe in stead of internal testing, you make bite sized servers with only one map testing one thing for external testers (actual users with big number play hours and earlier bug report experience) This might prevent some of the issues i see all the time where reddit goes ham and you hard working people try to please everyone..

Keep up the good work.
Marinxar wrote:
Talismans need to go completely.

Alarm Totems need to go completely. Since there is no real way of avoiding them.

Global loot need buff, but especially Heist reward room chests. Rewards MUST always be worth the risk in a ARPG, and PoE has lost the plot here.

Need something more than Markers as the target reward. Else there really is NO incentive to risk death/crashes losing everything, and people will just continue to quit the heist without completing it. It's much safer, quicker and easier.

item lvl capped at 83 in heist when is that fixed?
pls fix the fps drop issues
Have these changes been implemented already?
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke
Obbu wrote:
Can we get a manifesto regarding the removal of guard alert, entirely?

While the kiting meta was obviously a negative consequence of alert-on-kill, many people expected it to be shifted to on-aggro or alert-over-time-after-aggro: not removed entirely.

For those who enjoyed the tension of the start of heists in the first four days, this change has been an extremely negative one, and so far the only explanation we've been given is "We killed this".

Can you please elaborate on why such a drastic and controversial measure was taken in lieu of one that would have allowed clearspeed builds to function, without removing so much of the league's mechanic and flavour, and fundamentally undermining so many other systems, such as:

heist affixes
rogue gear affixes
rogue inherent perks

and generally removed the tension from the first half of heists?

I would like to see this happen.
pffff GGG what happened to you guys

this is a bad signal , for first time i will drop a league after 2 weeks from

launch and i love poe ;(

thnx ggg for the updates .Make unique skill jewels worth using like adding some flat life or es

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