What We're Working On: Heist Week 2

Glad to see things are sorted out because this league should be amazing!
Thanks for the nice work! <3
pyrognome wrote:
Marinxar wrote:
Talismans need to go completely.


Marinxar wrote:
Alarm Totems need to go completely. Since there is no real way of avoiding them.


Marinxar wrote:
Global loot need buff, but especially Heist reward room chests. Rewards MUST always be worth the risk in a ARPG, and PoE has lost the plot here.

Subjective, but worth considering.

Marinxar wrote:
Need something more than Markers as the target reward. Else there really is NO incentive to risk death/crashes losing everything, and people will just continue to quit the heist without completing it. It's much safer, quicker and easier.

Now THERE is a real point. The only contracts worth completing currently are the mission contracts. The optional reward rooms should not be more enticing than the actual objective.

I wrong your all wrongs. talismans are trash. and glogg up just everything.
We are also considering some changes to how much you can extend the lockdown timer, such that it's still an effective strategy, but not one that trivialises opening all reward chests.

Sad, to limit invested good outcome. Probably too much, as your track records show.

PlayStation 4 Crashes
The common client crash on this platform has the full attention of our engine development team at the moment.

Yea Consoles won't take away from pc. We all new this was wrong too.

Stash Tab Folders and Stash Tab Affinities

Ha you throw this in to have something positive.

This league continues the downward trend of quality. I'm sorry, but that's just a fact. I don't know whats all going on, especially with corona and i'm glad the servers were holding up pretty well.

Sadly, even so i like the theme and characters, heist is, as it is implemented for now and won't change more, as can be seen in this post, really going against the core of this Action RPG or Hack'n Slash.
I can't understand how mark was so hyped about this league even before Harvest, which at least had a less gamble crafting i can consider. now i again don't care about crafting, as the time and currency invested isn't worse it at all.
Hope better times will come.
Well i guess ill check abit later, hopefully the new laggy particle cloud on desecrate has gotten fixed, so we can get back to the previous version that didnt shit all over my graphics card, see previous posts for more detailed info, or feel free to ask. tldr, spamming Desecrate + spellcascade at roughly 0.5 cast time, so 2 cast persecond, while standing in the least decorated corner of my hideout, takes my gtx 960m from 30% gpu usage to 100%. I could understand if these numbers were seen in a corrupted rare tier 15 map, with breach + beyond + shaper/elder influence, i mean heck, i know my pc limits, and there is a reason why i went for a build that doesnt spam graphical shit screenwide 12 or more times per second.

idk, it can be in anybodys interest if the game remains unplayed.
They nerfed global drop rate in Harvest, and forcing all players to play 100% delirium maps. Make drop rate better! when game is not rewarding its not funny when you grind for 1c from map worth 8c or more. We didnt get more mobs in maps, and less drop rate, nice
I wish you guys were working on the fact that since Thursday/Friday i cant play for more than 5-10 min without crashing and losing the instance I'm in. Try to do a map and before i can get to the boss I crash and lose the instance. Try to do delve, get half way to the encounter and crash. Was fine until the 12.2 series of hot-fixes.
Ok now. Never did this before like absolutely never.
I'v never blamed developers for anything and esp never even thought to blame my beloved GGG whos POE I am playing since closed beta and really luv.

But seriously. It's been over a week and you still cant fix the damn crashes. I just got 2 crashes out of 3 grand heists. I'v spent over 7k tokens (which is not so much but damn...) and got some juicy drops from certain revealed rooms I wanted and all I got from in the end are fing crashes. Thanks god, at least my char is alive.

Guys. You really should do something with it. Some complimentary stuff for the players who suffered this outrageous shitshow named "start of the Heist league". Like you really should.

Esp. after you stole all those juicy (yet fing broken) crafts from SSF ppl and gave them this instead.

Stop killing POE, guys, cause it is one of the best games atm available and thousands of people rely on your decisions and actions. And this thing you'v made is a bad, bad, bad decision.
I bet if your paychecks were based on player feedback and retention, you'd have more problems than crashes...
GGG, please take my energy and release the update ASAP.

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