What We're Working On: Heist Week 2

I think all of these are going to be great changes to Heist. Very good idea with the Totems counter play is all they needed so I'm glad you all didn't just remove them. I'm excited to be able to test out contracts and grand heists once these changes go out
so loot and exp, what a joke
not sure, problem here is that the rewards from Grand Heist are not interesting, stop.
The reward change, that's a huge step to the right direction.
POE is no longer a truly free game; you get access to the garbage trial version until you pony up for stash tabs. With new Atlas and countless new currencies that is more and more obvious.
I feel like they heard us... we'll need to see how much, but i have some hope.
Go crash fixes! Hyped about new stash tab folders...Great league so far
I am the Alpha and Omega
Just put a damn stash into the prep area of the grand heist until you fix the portal issue "later this week"...
Sounds good -- looking forward to it. :0)

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