Our League Stash Tab Policy Going Forward

Please continue updating the UI so that paid stash tabs are actually worthwhile. Items automatically going to the correct tab doesn't solve this unless it's easy to hide/show tabs and quickly jump to what you need.
This is a huge win in my opinion. I normally buy the new tabs either way but having the option to store current league content in a dedicated storage is very positive. Way to go GGG!
I have all the tabs except for the last 3 and the unique one. The last 3 are not needed unless you play 24/7 and the unique one is not for function - it is for show.

Anyway, I like to support GGG but they really should realize when league stashes can be efficiently combined and do so. I don't think I'm the only one who would happily buy everything if we didn't feel like we were getting a bad deal. Half empty stash tabs could easily be combined. Heck, I played a lot in Harvest and I had a regular tab (one regular tab) that easily fit the league specific items of the last 3 leagues. That demonstrates the lameness of the 3 new tabs.
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I've always wondered why Disable Special Stash Tabs wasn't an option for private leagues. Seems like a pretty easy way for a race to be setup on "equal" ground for those concerned it provides an advantage. Maybe even a sub-option to limit a character to X number of tabs for those famine league races.
My main concern about stashtabs is that if you put new tab in game u are kinda obligated to keep that content in game. That is rly bad for longevity of game. I rly dont know how will you be able to say one day metamorph going out of game when you have tabs connected to that league that cost real money. That alone puts pressure on you to keep content in game and make game bloated.
"Despite selling well" is not a key indicator of adoption or even positive sentiment. A report in 2014 [1] derived that:

..about 37 percent of the roughly 781 million games registered to various Steam accounts haven’t even been loaded a single time.

This means that people bought items just to buy them or were inclined to do so if there was a perceived deal (such a DISCOUNTED LIMITED TIME BUNDLE) for items that might hold some (future) utility. It's awful that GGG is actually translating this to mean people are generally happy with the purchase. I suspect there were and probably still are expectations that the price of the bundles would go UP after time (this is absolutely due to wording used by GGG!) and that the tabs /might/ be expanded on or even condensed, much like the fragment and currency tabs have been, over time.

Also did the database issues that you have had nearly ZERO transparency over, magically get fixed..? Isn't this [2] still an issue for the next league, too?

The Harvest mechanic also creates some database issues in terms of the amount of data being stored. This is a non-trivial technical problem we would need to resolve before allowing it to exist long-term.

[1] https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/04/introducing-steam-gauge-ars-reveals-steams-most-popular-games/
[2] https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2924277

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This is a great option thx GGG! :D
Due to this policy I will buy the tabs I have yet to buy.
Loved the policy!!!
This seems reasonable and the communication of your policy is very, very much appreciated!
Hopefully your well-priced cosmetics can keep you afloat in case this customer-focused emphasis on stash tabs doesn’t work in your favor.

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