Our League Stash Tab Policy Going Forward

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I don't fully support this. I am ok to buy a new stash or two, but the problem is when you have to sort and split everything through 10 seperate stash tabs, it gets annoying realy fast.
I myself got tons of tabs, but I didn't buy and won't buy these new ones. I just don't get enough delirium orbs or splinters to justify a new tab (got like 10orbs in total during harvest while I did 40/40 kekw). I guess there are only 2 tabs I would still buy - one for prophecies, and one for skill gems.
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Perfect, this is not only good for players but also for the company since having good QoL generally provides less likely circumstances for breaking the flow of gameplay.
For players like us who have no issue supporting the game but still wish for some QoL for the game, this is excellent.
Indeed this was a long-term concern for the game.
Cant wait to see what they come up with for improving upon the game.
Great Call.

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