Our League Stash Tab Policy Going Forward

That's fair I guess. Once affinity and folders are out this would make stuff much more manageable and with tabs not being all that expensive anyway, I don't think league tabs should be too much of a problem for most people. Like an up to 4$ DLC every 3 months (2$ on one of the many sales) with the option to opt-out at cost of some convenience on a league to league basis.

Have to say that big league stash tab bundle still has me bitter. These tabs are so worthless and tiny and at most I have maybe 5-20 items in them. I wish we could trade these for equal cost value for quad stash tabs instead of getting baited by you. Absolute scam and you got me, cause I'm an idiot whos addicted to this game lol.

Also yikes to that X_X You don't buy league tabs for storage space lol you buy them because they're much, much easier to organize. If you only care about storage literally buy 1 or 2 quad tabs and download a good item filter yea, you should be fine for years to come still on storage alone like that. Will take you 2 minutes per map to sort your stash though.
"tabs are the most important ("keystone") way we can fund the game"

- cosmetics sets
- hideouts
- pets & decorations
- weapon illusions
- character services

Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and call this one damage control.

You get plenty of money, I'm willing to bet. You would get probably even more if your prices werent so ridiculously high for the qualty.
Paying a triple A game price for 1 pair of wings or set is really, really greedy.

But sure it's a welcome change I guess, in any eventual case that I might end up playing heist just to test your technical patch further I don't think there's too much I might dive into with stash tabs.
How boring and small.

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Well technically it is not "currency tab number two" -.-
But yeah, I think this is what is upsetting most of the people here, including me.
I understand that GGG needs money, but the league tabs really seem like little value for money.

Although the "affinity" sorting is something that I wanted for a long time, paying to keep up with every mechanic (and that number's really getting out of hand) already feels annoying.
Guess you'll have to factor that into the price of the tab. That's what you actually pay for. And sadly, go on paying.

It also will get in the way of consolidating and reworking leagues. Imagine they want to remove metamorph or rework it significantly. What can they do after people bought the tab?
Some people think every sold tab has to be worth the price that's payed, but basicly you are just paying for the game you play. F2P doesn't exist, for a good reason. Imagine going to your job and not being payed because you're customers want to be 'F2P'.
They (GGGT) are making leagues to make money. They are not asking us to buy their stuff so that they can make leagues.

the baker is not making bread so that you can eat either...

fortunately I don't need games to live...
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Reacting professionally to community concerns and providing a good compromise. That's barely seen in business nowadays.

You don't like it? Feel free to play and pay for other games. GGG doesn't owe you anything, they offer something and you are free to take it or leave it.

Like for real? Position of "if you do not like that do not use our services" is first step to delete real business in real world. Good or bad, we are GGG customers and money in the first place. KEKW.
This is a great idea
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Well done, I like it :)
POE has one of the best free to play models I have seen.

It's absolutely fair to put out a league specific stash tab every league that has to be paid for.

Just, so many different stash tabs are overwhelming, so give us extra paid for micro-transactions to consolidate multiple league tabs into a single stash tab.

A sort transaction would be an awesome "premium" upgrade for stash tabs too. So, we could sort our inventory or other stash tab automatically into the different stash tabs that have the "sort" upgrade.
So introducing new things that need their own specialized tab and then essentially forcing users to buy said tab is now an official GGG policy.
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