Our League Stash Tab Policy Going Forward

Shortly after we launched Harvest, we released a set of league stash tabs that, in spite of selling really well, caused some community members to express concern. Path of Exile has dozens of league launches ahead of it and naturally these will continue to introduce new items. Therefore, we needed a policy around item storage that's future-proofed. We've discussed it and want to share this policy with you.

Stash Tabs are one of the keystones to funding for development and we will continue to develop them in future. However, with league content our policy is now that any items that are essential for progression in the league (e.g. Seeds from Harvest, Azurite from Delve or Contracts from Heist) will have their own dedicated storage system in that league. Any rewards from a league (e.g. Blight Oils and Delve Fossils) can be put into their own purchasable Stash Tab or any regular Stash Tab you already own.

We feel that this policy creates a reasonable compromise in providing free storage for mandatory progression items while allowing us to continue to fund the game with optional stash tabs for the long-term storage of optional reward items.

In Heist, you'll find a storage device in The Rogue Harbour that will allow you to store Contracts, Blueprints and Markers.

We're also making progress on the Stash Tab Folders and Stash Tab Affinity systems we described previously and hope to launch these during the Heist league. Sorry for being slow getting them finished, we have to be very careful when implementing features like these.
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