The Future of Stash Tabs

Today we released some new types of Stash Tabs. Despite them selling well, many players had concerns about the direction of how our tabs are going in the future. We have some Stash Tab QoL features in the pipeline that we intended to announce when they were ready, but feel are important to announce now so that the context of the new tabs makes more sense.

Tab Folders

You'll be able to create tab folders (for free), which can contain other tabs. This lets you easily group related tabs together, hide empty ones you don't want cluttering the list, and so on.

Tab Affinities

You'll be able to tick a checkbox on one of each type of your Currency, Map, Essence, Divination, Fragment, Unique, Delve, Blight, Metamorph and Delirium Tabs, to indicate that that Tab should receive items that are Ctrl+Clicked from the inventory. This intentionally would not work with other items (such as rares you have picked up), as those require attention to identify and consider them.

We considered whether this feature would result in an unacceptable level of paying for convenience. Because a user could clear their inventory with similar speed by dumping items into a regular tab (albeit in a less sorted/pretty way), we feel it wouldn't give a significant advantage if a user is optimising for mapping speed and provides a similar level of organisational benefit that the specialised Premium tabs already provide.

Both of these features are still on the drawing board, are a while away from release (ideally before 3.12 though) and may be cancelled or changed if problems come up during development.

Future Improvements to Current Tabs

Existing Tabs are being updated as much as possible with new slots for items that should go in them. As I mentioned at ExileCon, we don't want to add a second Currency Tab. You've seen the expansions to the Currency Tab, Fragment Tab and Map Tab over time, and as we continue to add more items in future expansions, we aim to find room for them in the appropriate tabs. This means we've had to make some hard decisions about what items go in what tabs so that there is room for future items to be added.

We understand the usability concerns about having a lot of specialised tabs to manage, and believe that the changes listed above will significantly help the situation. We're sorry that we had not finished or announced these features before releasing the tabs today. It not only had bad optics but also didn't meet the transparency that we usually strive to achieve.
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too many tabs....
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OOOH Snap!
Thank you. This clarification is much needed!
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Sweet. Tabs aren't pay 2 win btw, just get a better filter.
Great Stuff!
We don't deserve you Chris.

Thanks for the straightforward reply to the needless panic.
Chris wrote:
As I mentioned at ExileCon, we don't want to add a second Currency Tab.

I bought a Currency Tab and Fragment tab already, it still feels like every league we get 10 new items that don't get added to these tabs.

How is the delirium tab not a second Currency tab with a single fragment slot?

I can understand the Metamorph tab if we got a lot of body parts, but the Blight tab seems to be paying for functionality that is broken in the map tab already (searching for blighted maps).

While I don't really mind having a lot of these items in a normal tab, I am concerned that having a "League Tab" will feel a bit like a subscription and might encourage (maybe just passively) adding 10 new currencies every league that wont fit into existing tabs.

I said I don't mind having things like oils and catalysts stored in a normal tab, so I won't be grabbing these tabs for now. And while I don't hate that these tabs have been added, especially with context, I'm concerned about "Tab Power Creep". I have 100+ Premium tabs that I no longer use because Quad tabs were added and direct item listing was added so I no longer needed to have a tab for each price of items to be indexed by a program. I already feel like thousands of points on tabs have been wasted, so seeing new tabs that overlap functionality really bothers me.
CharanJaydemyr:some people need to really rethink how they spend their money....I will trash this item if I ever find it on principle...I've seen much cleverer "troll" items get turned down, so I guess GGG gave up trying to enforce that one. Not GGG's finest hour.
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this is good news, cheers :)
We need these Tab Affinities yesterday i would even pay for that to have it today or even dont get a league to have this instead.This game need some quality of life with hoarding loot cause in some point it gets too much frustrating to have a milliono things to add on ur tabs each map you run

Lets hope that this post isnt a scam to make us buy tabs and then tell us that all these things didnt work well and we are not going to make these ideas to work out

Both of these features are still on the drawing board, are a while away from release (ideally before 3.12 though) and may be cancelled or changed if problems come up during development.
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