The Future of Stash Tabs

JediWabbit wrote:
Meeki wrote:

1. even if u want to sell us some "league tabs" they are not making our tab list larger and larger and larger ..... because thats exactly the problem right now.

This is exactly not the problem, and what a lot in this thread are missing.

The problem is GGG is Double dipping in profits. Most if not all of us have ALREADY PAID for a Fragment/Currency Tab. Things that have already been updated, to hold "some" prior league content, as it should, because that was how they were presented to us for purchase. Now GGG is creating more currency/Fragments, but instead of honoring the promise they made upon original purchase they want to charge us again.

Like it was said before, they are deliberately making the problem, and now charging us AGAIN for the same solution.

Yep, and people are still confused thinking it's about the the price. It's not. Never was.
Riftshadow wrote:
Those changes don't address the main issue. So we will have 2-4 extra stash tabs to buy every year until they admit this is insane.

Please create skill gem stash tab/-s! I will buy even for 100 points! :D
Those gems take sooooo much space...
Malduguns wrote:
Please create skill gem stash tab/-s! I will buy even for 100 points! :D
Those gems take sooooo much space...

There's a vendor that sells every single gem and another vendor that sells almost every gem, in addition to being able to buy a ton of leveled gems in acts 1-4.

Why do you hoard so many gems that it's an issue?
Support a free Hong Kong.

I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with
sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.
-Galileo Galilei
And you can put the gems in item sockets in your stash.
Th69 wrote:
And you can put the gems in item sockets in your stash.

Lol are you serious? Good luck never finding them.

But seriously tho, these NEED to stop, you gotta fit the new stuff on older tabs that we paid for or AT LEAST combine them... "Won't get second currency tab", but you pushed 3 paid ones instead...

Also, I doubt the game isn't faring well with all those expensive mtx, let us some slack w/ tabs at least. Even though I'm a sucker and have all tabs already, I feel like I play management game more than actually killing monsters.
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You can search for them - like any other item (for me it works).
The problem is still that the delirium tab is certainly just full of currency and fragments, so and so it the blight one. The problem is that you already made a currency2 and a fragment2 tab. You just named it something else.
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I like these nice stash tabs GGG are creating. These specialized ones are not that expensive And I like how that specific tab is dedicated for items of that previous league.

I purchased them and like them.
I dont know what all the fuss is about, but ok. ppl have their reasons
and they are completely entitled to them.

I myself think they look pretty cool and are very convenient.
I immediately purchased it, because it was a decent price for (3) tabs.
The price of the package is what won me over. $10 for (3) QOL tabs.
And I know its not $50 or $100 blah blah, but my $10 contributes
to the developers (food on the table) thing.
Im not made if Diamond or gold or have Warren Buffet's deep pockets.
I have to work at an actual job for many hours to earn the little money I get.

I wish I could combine 4 regular stash tab into a Quad Tab.
That feature would be nice. :)
Im finding myself having a long long list of regular tabs.
Only because the prices where affordable when a special came around.
Anyways, combinations of regular tabs into a Quad tab for a very small fee
would be nice.

Also wish the Quad tab prices were a bit cheaper even when they are on special.
because they are pretty expensive.
$15 for 1 Quad tab is a bit pricey for a casual player like myself.
Who usually works 14-hours+ a day 6 days a week to earn my little income.
in (my) opinion, 1 Quad tab should be around $5 to $7 dollars.
But thats my opinion, and hence why I have yet to purchase a Quad tab yet.
The current price of $15 for 1 Quad tab is a bit much.

I would love to purchase many things in the MTX store,
But when looking at prices, I near have a heart attack and immediately close the MTX store window.
Many of us dont have that kind of money, SPECIALLY now with this coronavirus thing happening and millions without strong income coming in.

thats my tiny 2-cents feedback :)
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