The Future of Stash Tabs

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A much needed change, but i fear it's not enough to stop the micro managing issue that is getting out of hand.
So many things are dropping for such a small inventory, and it's getting worse every league.

We spend so much time not killing stuff but rather having to pick up crums constantly only to have to sort everything after a 2 mins map that i hope a rather massive change is coming.
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Add more chests to the hideout like the seed cache so we can open different chests with a different tab folder
Thanks for clarifying, but to me it still does not excuse the creation of 3 new (paid) tabs instead of implementing them in the currently existing tabs.
While initially upset, I bought the tabs anyway. Now after the clarification and future plans for these tabs I'm happy I bought them, hell I'd even buy a prophecy tab. That being said had this post come today and the tabs later in the week the optics would've been FAR better, and most of the complaining (at the time).
Amazing news, thanks for the info Chris.
The Metadata ID of the Simulacrum is Metadata/Items/MapFragments/CurrencyAfflictionFragment. It should have a spot on the Map Fragments tab, along with Simulacrum Splinters. Arbitrarily grouping them with Delirium orbs simply because both were introduced at the same time will be a clear mistake in ten years when there have been forty or more leagues and no one can remember where everything is.

As others have said before, the solution to the currency tab situation is to make a scrolling tab for currency similar to the crafting bench, with the ability to apply currency crafts just like the bench. (The row density would have to be tighter, of course. Just the name and 2D art of the currency item itself.) You will always run out of space if you don't plan a scalable structure!
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feel like there's some basic stash QOL being ignored
like stash all or sort or retrieve all highlighted
the design philosophy doesn't make sense to me

plus the divination stash tab hasn't scaled properly with 4k resolution for 4+ years now
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Prophecy tab?
Tab Folders
You'll be able to create tab folders (for free), which can contain other tabs. This lets you easily group related tabs together, hide empty ones you don't want cluttering the list, and so on.

Been asking for this for years and finally it's happening.

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