The Future of Stash Tabs

This is awesome. Thanks for these.
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these are precisely the changes that are most lacking. Auto sorting is absolutely necessary inside the game. tabs are added to each league, the amount of garbage that you have to shove increases. having bought the last three tabs, I caught myself thinking. that I am already confused by the fact that there are too many tabs for different things.
I beg, at any cost, sort things according to your own tabs. it will so improve the feel of the game. take away so much headache in people.
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Autosort its cool, omg!
Nice to see something being "done" about this, however the "tabs in tabs" seems to me to be probably the most clunky solution to the issue and doesn't really fix the problem only postpones it.
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GGG might not read this here, but I'll post it anyway. Also, I'm not sure if it has already been mentioned (probably has), but the migration of ex-league stash tabs to standard is quite terrible.

Please consider adding a MERGE option for same-type currency tabs.

e.g. When the league is over, add a merge button on that league's currency tab so that if you click it, it will automatically transfer all currency to your standard currency tab.

Transferring thousands of maps or currency items between league tabs when we've paid for their benefit is a sad moment.

Of course there will be players who simply avoid this issue by never purchasing any of these tabs, or players who don't bother with standard league at all. Good for them.

This is all about QoL and we don't really need these types of features if there weren't so many stash tab types... GGG, you've brought this on yourself. lol
Meeki wrote:

1. even if u want to sell us some "league tabs" they are not making our tab list larger and larger and larger ..... because thats exactly the problem right now.

This is exactly not the problem, and what a lot in this thread are missing.

The problem is GGG is Double dipping in profits. Most if not all of us have ALREADY PAID for a Fragment/Currency Tab. Things that have already been updated, to hold "some" prior league content, as it should, because that was how they were presented to us for purchase. Now GGG is creating more currency/Fragments, but instead of honoring the promise they made upon original purchase they want to charge us again.

Like it was said before, they are deliberately making the problem, and now charging us AGAIN for the same solution.
i like that as a starting point. to kind of auto sort our stuff. even if you dont have the currency tab open if you cntrl click it then it goes there anyway. so special tabs. i hope something comes up or is done or like a auto sort inventory button or something. that just sorts your inventory into your stash. some kind of Qol needs to be done with the amount of different tabs needed to play this game on a functioning level.
Thank you GGG for your statement and the background of the decisions that were made.
I highly appreciate this !

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