The Future of Stash Tabs

Spurnshadow wrote:
Still no Delve stash tab? Something to collect gold and silver resonators, all the fossils, and boxes to place a resonator in for crafting along with a space for an item? How many years has it been?

That's been around for a while. Pay better attention.
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Ty for answearing. Yes having to browse through ten specialized currency tabs defeats the purpose of acelerating item management.
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I love POE and I respect GGG. And I have all the tabs except for the Unique one since that is only for collectors. QOL for those tabs? I am all for it. But don't insult us by saying that people dump into regular tabs.
Those changes don't address the main issue. So we will have 2-4 extra stash tabs to buy every year until they admit this is insane.
How hard would it be to change the currency tab to work a little more like the map tab?

Instead of a single bin for each type of currency all on the same front, have currencies grouped by their functions.

Subtab 1: crafting onto a normal or magic item. General item quality. Transmutes, alts, augs, chances, regals, scrap, whetstones, GCP, bauble. Each with their own bin.

Subtab 2: crafting onto or into a rare item. Alcs, chaos, annuls, exalts, and other currencies you use on a rare base here. For lack of a better place to put them, socket currencies here as well. Jewels, linkers, binding orbs, chromes.

Subtab 3: Finishing touches. Crafting onto a rare or unique item so as to optimize it. Here is where you'd apply any catalysts, divines, anoints, blessed orbs, vaaling stuff here as well. For maps, chisels (for the sake of consistency - not assuming you will always have an opportunity to qual up a map while it is white) horizon and harby orbs. Conq exalts and woke orbs. Mirrors, etc. This might also be a great place to stash Blessings of Esh/TulChayula/etc, vial of sacrifice/ascension, and so on.

Subtab 4: Maps could be a separate subtab, moving all the chis, harby, horizon, deli, and other orbs to this subtab. Put sextants here, and accessory watchstones.

You see that it goes in a kind of workflow order.

You usually start with a 0% quality white or magic base, work on it there, then advance to the rare phase with slams and annuls, then when you have a workable item, you optimize it and then cap it off with anoint or vaal.

One way to make it super intuitive is to have it so that all subtabs of the currency tab, share the same crafting window(s) so as you go to the next step, you item will come with you to the crafting window for the next subtab.

Too many currencies of one functional class to go on one subtab? Have the bins on a scrolling display, the way the different map tier/types are on their respective subtabs.

Frag tab could use some updating - since we now have an additional scarab "grade", an additional offering "grade", and so forth. Even if these go legacy they will still exist in sufficient numbers to need an intuitive place to store.

Subtab 1: Pie slices. Here you place all the sac frags, mortal frags, shaper frags, elder frags, and uber frags. Pale council frags go here too.

Subtab 2: Splinters and what they assemble into. Breach splinters and breachstones, with added bins for various quality breachstones. Legion splinters and legion emblems, pretty much as before. Sims and sim splints.

Subtab 3: Anything else that goes into the map device that's not an actual instance. Scarabs (of all grades), god bottles, all grades of offerings (perhaps make it so putting one in the map device guarantees a trial), and future doohickeys and gewgaws that could add other types of experiences and qualifiers to maps. Lots of space here for future design elements.

Again, scrolling display bars for subsections with lots of variants/different bins.

You could then extend the family of "functional auto-sorting subdivider tabs" from just maps, to maps/currency/frags, to maybe a tab for legacy currencies and tokens. Leaguestones, eternal orbs, reliquary stones, nets, and other bits & bobs people hang onto over the years, they are nonfunctional but have nostalgia value, OR they still have use but nobody in their right mind would want to accidentally missclick an eternal orb onto something these days so please move them away from the usual currency tab.

Edit: A prophecy tab would be another easy brainchild of the map tab.

Like maps, there's dozens and dozens of specific individual prophecies. Organizing and accessing them is a pain in the butt. Luckily, they tend to fall into at most a dozen or so keyworded functional groups, so having them stack and sort in a map-like stash tab and having a search dropdown keyword-highlighting various subtabs or stacks, would work very well.

For instance, if I have 1000 prophecies stored in a Prophecy tab, and only want to see Twice Enchanteds, I could type "Twice Enchanted" into the search bar and see only those.

Or if I want to see all prophecies that allow me to upgrade a unique, I could pick "Fated" from a drop down menu or type "while holding" into the search bar. Or all prophecies that add packs of monsters but not rogue exiles or other rare/unique monsters, appear when the dropdown menu shows "Infestations". Insects, frogs, rats, sirens. (Not "Plagues" because that can be confused with Plaguemaw I-V.)
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cesmode wrote:
"...we dont want to add a second currency tab". Simple, stop adding currencies into the game.

This is the major issue that POE has with regards to new leagues. Here is a new(or re-skinned league) with more splinters, fragments, currencies, items to pick up. Stop!

The game is bloated as it is, and has been for years, with loot, currencies, shards, and random items. Its overwhelming and not necessary. Furthermore, with all of the loot and items that the game showers you with, you still miss the mark where it matters more: Boss loot. People should get something halfway decent for killing Kitava act 10. People should get something decent for killing conquerors(not some random rare that has random crap stats that I junk). I should get something better than I do for killing map bosses (like a guaranteed map drop from a tier higher or one that I do not already have...currently, half the time I nothing. Zero.)

You pat yourselves on the back for your difficult and unique boss fight designs but fail to provide adequate loot for it. The only bosses that drop anything of significance are the absolute endgame bosses that most players never see (shaper, elder, uber elder, awakener). If you don't get to these bosses, farming loot from a boss is damn near impossible.

I just finished my first playthrough of terarria. I LOVED the fact that I could go fight a boss over and over and farm out a specific item set because I knew exactly what the boss dropped and what the percentages were. I felt rewarded. I felt progressed.

The game is too bloated with currencies, shards/fragments, and RNG items to make the player feel rewarded for their time spent and often its motivationally a game killer for me. Add on that you're direction with adding currencies directly impacts your cash shop...starting to lose the faith here Chris.

Yes. Stop with all the clutter items. It's too much
And some decent drops from bosses would be great too.
How about letting us delete remove only tabs even if they aren't empty.
would love a sort feature also
hipporage wrote:
While initially upset, I bought the tabs anyway. Now after the clarification and future plans for these tabs I'm happy I bought them, hell I'd even buy a prophecy tab. That being said had this post come today and the tabs later in the week the optics would've been FAR better, and most of the complaining (at the time).

prophecy and incubator tab incoming hahahahaha

also why not throw in a breach tab so we can store all diff types of stones and the blessings too

i would probably buy them instantly ;p
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