The Future of Stash Tabs

@Chris Please add auto pick up and auto upload to right stash tab features!
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Nobody will read this, so I will just tell the truth.

GGG is a business. Tabs make them the most money. They make new tabs, they make money.

Bunch of low-intelligence humans over-reacting to what is obvious, and necessary.

That said, I have tried very very hard not to buy anything since the previous sale to a giant, morally questionable, huge, did I mention it's a big-ass company, for-profit conglomerate. I want to buy new packs every time they come out. I used to buy at least one $500 pack per year and haven't bought anything since the TC sale. It's sooooo hard, trying to stick to my guns, but I also love the humans that make this game.

Can you guys buy it back?

Feels like a lot of planned content and microtransaction releases, since the sale, have been controversial. These releases and mts have all been under the thumb of TC. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the correlation.

Can we buy it back? Is that an option? Can we start a fund for that? I'm not chardenjademar (worst community member) who can donate 30k, but I'll throw in a couple grand.

Love the people, not the new direction.

Really nicely handled. I think this is the QoL the stash tabs need with growing amounts of different loots
This is the level of communication I both respect and expect from GGG. Very proud to be a fan when you say things like this.

I am still concerned that there's just way too many specialized tabs out there, it just feels like too much in general. And I also think some tabs are so specific they maybe should've been combined with other ones.

But this still doesn't overshadow the amazingly swift response.
Ullix wrote:
Are you serious? People are not upset because you didn't mention the QOL changes in the announcement. They're upset because these new tabs should be QOL changes.

Tarke put it best earlier, you created a solution to a problem you created, that doesn't really solve the problem anyway. And to make it worse, you're charging us for it.

Bringing up Exilecon is bold given you literally say in the same video that you'll find a way to add things to the current tabs.
I make eggs.
spirited123 wrote:
I very rarely post here, despite playing this game for years. But I felt I had to say something.

PoE, along with Warframe, was one of the free to play done right games I'd recommend to other players. I can't really do that anymore because you've slowly became too greedy. Too grabby. The situation surrounding currency was the final straw.

Chris, you created a problem for the players, then you sold them the solution. Then, in an attempt to placate everyone, you dodged the reason people are upset. Then you tried to distract them with pie in the sky promises of goodies... at some point in the future? Or something.

I'm tired of you grabbing at my wallet man. Get lost.

Good post, I'd now say Warframe is leaps ahead of POE in being genuinely f2p.

Also, is it just me or do many of the supportive post, seem so gushing with love, that they appear to be from GGG employees? I get all debates will ha e 2 sides, and im sure there are people that are happy with GGGs announcement. However many of them are written like they were done by a starry-eyed fanatical stalker of GGG. Just reeks fake posts.
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PeRayau wrote:
Diskonekted wrote:
I'll believe it when I see it. Just like the "trade improvements" that have NEVER happened even though you went on about it for years. I used to buy every supporter pack that came and now I just can't be bothered. Your monetization sucks between constant arbitrary new stash tabs, very expensive cosmetics, and loot boxes your colors truly show.

errmmm...agree...kinda very expensive..u buy the wing and body armor, its like u buy a new game..yet, the game play still stutter so worse..i can't brain this.

I've never understood this, why a cosmetic set can essentially cost the same amount as a AAA game. Why just a few skill skins can also equal this cost. Cosmetic mtxs are ridiculously overpriced in this game. If they slashed the prices to 25%, they'd sell more than 4x the amount for sure. No way am I spending £10 to have freezing pulse look slightly different. The prices get more out of touch with whats going on in the real world.
Im also not happy with the xxxx different small Tabs, its a horror to manage them.
But also it isnt a solution to integrate the existing Metamorph, delirium and blight Fragments into the current frag/currency tabs. It isnt sustainable for future fragments, because the slots will be full in some time.

The only solution is here:

Handle the Fragment tab like the Map Tab, with buttons like there (for every League one). For every Tab people bought (metamorph as example) they gain a button there. the technical solution already exists, so why dont use it?

So we have just one Tab to scroll and manage - not 10....

some example pics (10 min ugly paint pics - but shows what i exactly mean)

lets say, i have bought the fragment, metamorph, delve, blight, delirium, essences, (prophecy) tab - so i got these buttons in my overall fragment tab.

Someone who has bought less - got less "buttons" there.

here just a view with the blight tab (the maps from there should be anyway in the map tab - as extra "button" after unique-maps)


1. even if u want to sell us some "league tabs" they are not making our tab list larger and larger and larger ..... because thats exactly the problem right now.

2. we have just one tab to be opened and click Fragments to sort them automatically in the specific sub-tabs (like maps work)

3. sustainable for 10 years, because all u have to do: is add one more button as sub tab - like i said before - the fragment tab will be full anyway after 1-2 leagues if all should go there. that isnt smart for the future.

i hope u understand what and how i that mean - english isnt my native language. so apologize.
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Thank you for the Info... Looking forward what you designed for....
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Still no Delve stash tab? Something to collect gold and silver resonators, all the fossils, and boxes to place a resonator in for crafting along with a space for an item? How many years has it been?

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