Our League Stash Tab Policy Going Forward

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garaile wrote:
So every league gets a new stash box essentially?

Does that mean I need 5 league specific stash in my hideout 5 leagues from now.
Or one with 5 tabs.
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it souds somewhat okay, but honestly...
If we go for another 7-10 years... How many stashes do I need to buy, to not to have to spam my normal stashes?
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My only concern is this:

However, with league content our policy is now that any items that are essential for progression in the league [...] will have their own dedicated storage system in that league.

This is ambiguous. What happens when the league ends? When it goes to Standard, we'll have to put them into our own stash tabs?

I know that everyone (including me) keep the "Remove only" on Standard and, therefore, it wouldn't be a real problem. On the other hand, if this interpretation is right, this wouldn't help solve the clutter problem on Standard remove only stash tabs.

Edit: I've seen people having the same interpretation as me, in the sense that "base league items" wouldn't have their own stash tab in Standard, forcing us to buy more tabs.

If it is so... Well, no more spending money for me.
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Please make automatic movement of items from the same tab types. I will break my arm by replacing 1000 offerings to the goddess.

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I support this decision, can’t wait to see the stash tab folders idea. :-)
good job
Let's hope so.
GGG seems to be good listening to community if things become an issue
Pretty good compromise. It should allow for more interesting things on the developer end, that seems certain.

Each league just coming with its particular stash where you do the league feels right.
Love it - i think this suits everyone. If someone has a complaint about this, well... I wouldn't know what to tell them.

Well thought out, well executed, easy to understand.

Thank you!

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