Our League Stash Tab Policy Going Forward

I like this but I also liked it the way before hand. I would always buy every stash tab that comes out if it has a purpose of any kind and allows me to keep things sorted well.

Personally I'd love to see the Chaos recipe tab Chris mentioned on Baeclast a while back. I understand some people wouldn't like it but sorry I would and it would save so much hand cramps.
Gem stash tab when?

Somebody mentioned a chaos recipe tab? Lets get that too.

Also let us actually vote with our wallet by preordering the dedicated stash about if we want stuff to go core.

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Fair enough. Thanks for letting us know.
Can you guys invest some time into making stash management less click intensive?
sounds okay
Trinkets? Will they have space in the storage?
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I'm fine with this. But Stash Tab Folder and Affinity should be way higher priority imo.
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Great news. Very fair approach. I guess i'll buy something straight away to express my approval.
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LOSING all my whorti-stations was the wake up call I need.

I really don't care what you do, i'll just continue to make mules and not support until we can upgrade reg tab to quad.

The bloat is real... the bloat.... is.... real.
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Well no surprise, selling stash tab for 3 items would be ridiculous thing. However I can admit that Harvest stash tab was great.

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