Our League Stash Tab Policy Going Forward

Edit: I reread it understood it wrong.

Still feel slightly wrong that if heist goes core ill lose all the contract's/gear like the seed in harvest if it doesn't go core immediately.

But it still doesn't solve the main problem. I can understand tabs like metamorph and maybe even the blight one(it very minimal)but the delerium one has so little thing in it the orb doesn't even drop that much. GGG could have easily reworked delerium into 1 orb to slightly address targeted farming and then just added the splinter and map to the splinter tab and the 1 delerium orb to the currency tab.

my biggest problem with the blight tab is i don't even get 3 50 map slots one for white yellow and red map's but 1 tab for them all. It could have also been solved by allowing us to search a influence on a map like elder, shaper.

It should be fixed sooner or later because sooner or later the conquerors will no longer the the main villains and then we will also get maps drops for their influence.

on a side note can the harvest storage be added as a alternative skin for the main storage i like how it looks more than the default one.
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GGG: "We know you hate it but we will continue to make you spend 10 years per map to click on sh*t on the ground. don't forget you need to buy tabs to store those said sh*t after that!"

POE Wales: "I love it, thanks GGG!!!!!!"
garaile wrote:
So every league gets a new stash box essentially?

Does that mean I need 5 league specific stash in my hideout 5 leagues from now.

No you didn't understand. League specific storage only lasts for a league, but each league will have that. Later on they'll keep releasing specific stash tabs
The problem is that we were sold the already existing tabs on the promise that they would be expanded to include new versions of the things that they held, and then they weren't and instead you tried to sell us new tabs for league rewards, that were just things that already fit into the already existing tabs.

Please don't pretend to be addressing complaints that you just are not.
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I fail to see how this addresses all the 'new' things that then become core and clutter inventory.

I am someone who buys every single special tab and don't really have a problem with them, but this fix doesn't seem to fix anything other than directly during a league for the specific item. It wasn't in blight that we needed oil tab, it wasn't in metamoprh we needed catalysts tabs etc it was after, and with them accumulating league after league since they went core.

Maybe I am missing something here..

This is great and all, hopefully the new mechanics will solve most of the issues but still, the last 3 league stash tabs introduced feel like a tabs clutter, rather than a helpful mechanic. Having those 3 tabs merged into one would have been AWESOME, however the new sorting AI may solve the problem altogether and I may actually consider getting those tabs as well :)
The problem is that when things come core you will need to buy tabs.

Imagine if Harvest went core: end of seed cache, that means all your seeds, horticrafts, etc would need to be stored in normal tabs.

Heist ends: harbour stash is no more, you will need normal tabs to store contracts, etc.

And so on.

This is not as future-proof as you think. Unless you will let us keep the league stashes when they come to core, wich also creates another problem: we'll need HUGE hideouts to place all those league stashes.

In the end I see a nice try, but doesn't solve the problem.
"There's no thing like random one-shots in this game. You only die because you take 353,456,237 hits in 0.2 seconds. If your build can't survive that or a lag spike it's because you suck, period. Post your PoB so the PoE experts can analyse and help improve your build."
>Gets massive backlash for making stash tabs specific to certain league mechanics with a HUGE amount of empty space in them
>"Yo guys, fund us by buying tabs, we're still a small indie developer not owned by big man China"
>Frag tab has 6 different leagues worth of stuff in it

Tab affinity: Amazing idea, really helps with sorting tabs
League-specific tabs: Terrible idea, literally milking cash from people because Tencent wants you to.

If the league has a metric fuck ton of items (Delve), it makes sense because where are you going to fit that? If the league has a small handful (Harvest, Delirium, Metamorph), then it's pretty disgusting to sell each of those individually.
It would be nice to have a merge option in the currency tab so when your tabs go to standard or parent league you can click a button to move all currency from remove only currency tabs into the normal tab to keep us from having to manually move all these items.
Forced repeated cash grab. Unless you already spent 100's on normal tabs, You're going to need to buy the new tabs as they come eventually, forever.

But it's okay, because now they won't gut you for cash for about 1/3rd of the total new items that drop each league?

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