Our League Stash Tab Policy Going Forward

garaile wrote:
So every league gets a new stash box essentially?

Does that mean I need 5 league specific stash in my hideout 5 leagues from now.

only if the league goes to the core.

few leagues that happens.
Why does GGG act surprised that stash tabs sell well? Players know that organization gives time efficiency that increases profit and progress. So, despite the fact that I find stash tabs of this nature to be limited in their usefulness (at some point, having a stash tab for each league will become its own inefficiency), I will take advantage while it saves me time. For many of us time is money, so it's a fair trade... for now.
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sounds reasonable
amabar1115 wrote:
Why does GGG act surprised that stash tabs sell well?

Are they acting surprised?

On topic: Sounds like a fair solution.
Phrazz has changed his ways. Forget his past, embrace the present.
If I may suggest something - I'd love to see the option of merging some league tabs that we've bought - this way players will still have a reason to buy every league tab AND on the other hand merged tabs wouldn't feel like wasted space. I think we all can agree that e.g. blight and delirium tab would easily fit as one tab, so why after buying both of them don't have an option to use them as one? Please consider!
One suggestion. Instead of making new tabs for every league - combine all league specific tabs (metamorph, essence, blight, delve and w/e else is there or will be added in the future) into a single tab with selectable league, similar how you can select map generation in map tab. Call it League Tab and depending on league chosen it changes layout, but you can only change layout if tab is empty. If people want to get tab for new league they still need to get a new League tab, but it's a more future-proof solution, because it lets you remove old leagues without making their corresponding tabs obsolete. And people will likely have a more civil reaction for the news of adding new storage type to league tab compared to adding a completely new tab, even though end result is pretty much the same. Also lets you add new storage types for currently running leagues, even if you're not sure if these leagues will go into core game or not. Current league tabs then can be removed from store and either converted to new tab automatically or at small point price for upgrade like you can convert normal tabs into premium tabs.
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Seems reasonable.

When it comes to buying tabs for what ultimately ends up in Core, I don't have them all because I simply don't mess with older mechanics that I'm not all that into.

Use the season-specific tab, if it becomes Core and you LIKE it, then pick up the tab later on. Nobody's being forced to do anything here and getting stash tabs are the cheapest way to support a game you'll put hundreds of hours into.

I really like the idea of not buying the current season's tab.
Kudos for this decision, as it's very common for devs to sell inventory that players need. I'm actually surprised, and happy, and can now spend money on MTX instead of inventory.
I wish we could upgrade 4 stashes -> quad stash.
I will note that I am a little worried that in order to get to The Rogue Harbour we need Markers, which are a currency stored in a stash in The Rogue Harbour.

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