Changes to the Atlas of Worlds in Path of Exile: Delirium

But seriously what damn idiot writes these releases up? (I know Bex posts these, but I doubt she's the one who writes them up).

Why do you guys always try to slip in the nerfs which you now will piss us off as small offhanded comments near the end of an info dump. Do you think that somehow won't make us realize or notice?

Instead of trying to be clever and sneaky - which you're no fucking good at - why don't you just try being honest and up-front. At least if you're going to fuck us over give us the BAD news first. This "Oh and by the way..." shit DOES NOT FLY.
Also, do i need to create mule account 13 to move my maps into now, or will my STANDARD map tab, that i paid for, work, or will you leave it broken for a few months like the last season????
Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked
I mean, I’m just purely speculating however GGG being the multi million dollar company it is probably know more than us and just guessing but this new league probably comes with a hell of a lot more density in maps which in turn equals more quantity of items. The ‘%maps dropping levels higher’ with the increased density was probably way overturned. But like I say, “you know nothing Jon snow”
Narrator voice: you'll probably continue to literally drown in maps despite awakening bonus being removed.
No seriously, it was cool but it wasn't exactly mandatory to have.
Awakening Bonus Objectives will now give:
x% increased effect of Modifiers on non-unique Maps (up to the 24% previously available)

Mixed feelings about that.

When they buff build crippling modifiers like avoid bleed/poison, it helped to be able to turn off the increased effect of modifiers by downgrading awakening level.

It presumably also means any second/third/etc character automatically has more difficult maps from the very start, because again... can't turn it off under the new system.
Nice to see the devs ignore all the feedback from the majority of the community, and once again cater to the 10% who has 0 life, and spend all their time playing a game.........Ty for the years of gaming, but this is the end of my journey, hope you enjoyed my money. Its sad, but the changes from last few leagues and now this is just the straw that broke the camels back.
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Здравствуйте, меня зовут Кеша и я лицемер, плохой человек, меня здесь недолюбливают, и еще я очень старый и у меня нереальных высот ЧСВ.
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All this negativity.

Sorry to break it to you. but the normal players. those that struggle to get 24+ challenges done, actually DO appreciate variety in endgame content. Alva and Jun missions are still a carrot worth chasing for them and shake things up in a positive way.

When you as a player, eventually learn you had to shape your atlas in a certain way and farm the same map over and over again to keep up with the mob, something that already feels too much like work, becomes unbearable repetitive.

you might argue that you don´t have to shape in a certain way if you want the broader experience, but if you are in the middle crowd, those people who already know a thing or two, you KNOW when the gap between dull efficency and chasing a ficitional carrot you´ll never be able to reach becomes too big. so people who don´t want to do 100000 times the same map just give up. probably forever.

all motivation in this game, all games actually, is an illusion (exile). Keeping it motivating for the broadest audience. those that actually want to play for the games sake, is in gggs best interest. Also, they are still managing a game here, not a sweatshop. Ensuring that the endgame is played at its best without cheesing the system (and thats what shaping the atlas felt like to normals), is a good thing.

I can´t comprehend how adamant people are about NOT wanting to experience variety. is it so important to feel more effiecent then others that you prefer to do the same map a quadrillion times over opening some doors?

you´ll still outshine all the slowpokes even when doing the same maps as they are, don´t worry. all the things you find "unfun" are game mechanics, intended to shake things up. so there are dead-ends were you have to backtrack. so you can´t jump over the whole map in seconds.

Normal peeps spend an outragous amount of time figuring out what to sell from their loot and checking the stats of stuff they find even though it´s never worth it compared to trading. thats already flawed enough, we don´t need even more encouragment of mowing through the same thing endlessly without looking left and right.

PS i also am having the problem of far to many t16 and for too few t14. pruning it a bit is in order. don´t hyperbole. try to have fun. and please. try to understand.
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blight will be the last league that made fun for a long time :(
About Standard:
1. Can we keep the Watchstones we already have? In that Atlas inventory, or getting them back from Zana, like it was with the Shaper Orbs.

2. If Awakening Bonus Objectives are reset together with the Atlas, can we unlock those too with legacy maps, somehow?
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What in damnation have you done?!

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