Announcing Path of Exile: Delirium

Looks AAAamazing BUT please:

Don't release Delirium BETA for 2 months.
Ok, alright. That actually looks interesting to me. And the packs are cool! Now my lads you have to release challenge rewards that DON'T suck and massive DUCK. And than I might play this league actually.
Looks great, can't w8 to start :)

Was not a fan of the supporter packs tho :/
girng wrote:
victortkc wrote:
I hope the mist effect won't kill my FPS and the game is still runnable on my potato PC.......

The fog tech was originally created for Path of Exile 2 (for graveyards, etc) and is very high-performance. It uses a volumetric post-process rather than particle effects, and has a constant low overhead regardless of what is going on (rather than being more expensive in more intense situations). Other fog effects we have used in the past that you may be concerned about used stacking particles which are a lot more expensive.

Apparently they are using volumetric post-processing instead of particle stacking, so performance issues shouldn't be a problem. However, I really doubt this, but we'll see.

Sadly all I can read from this that everything will be worse. Even if it is performance friendly the game struggled with performance already. So even a tiny bit on top of that will make things even worse.
TY really great job at keeping this game kicking . make me wanna buy another supporter pack literally just to support.
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going fully warframe now, eh?
Those cluster jewels are INSANE! Nice job GGG.
Can you socket regular jewels into the jewel sockets on the cluster jewels, or are they specifically (as the shape suggests) only for other cluster jewels?

If the above answer is Yes to regular jewels, how will they interact with legion jewels?
Soooooo exciting!

3.10 Delirium


3.11 Insanity
3.12 Horror
3.13 Hysteria


No more better essence....


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