Announcing Path of Exile: Delirium

Wissle wrote:
vio wrote:

not sure whether i want to play the new league though.
dumped a awful lot of dedication into metamorph, got the best gear i ever had but couldn't kill sirus even once.

missing skill ... whatever.

Doesn't that sound relatable? :D
Metamorph was the first league I played seriously and I also never managed to kill Sirus / Shaper / Elder.


Tried fun build, didnt worked.
Went meta necro, improved gear, tried Sirius, couldnt kill. (phase 3 got me with death ray of the time i read about corrupted blood immunity jewel, was too moar Sirius for me)
Tried to go at him again, couldnt spawn conquerors again in an efficient manner.
Burned all red maps, couldnt sustain more map, refused to spend hours on trade to buy more maps = league over.

went to mtg arena, eso, whatever.
peace out.

also no new player, playing since awakening if not before. Is just that i have a parallel life to poe. So call me a casual.
It'd be neat if the 280 added notes were more for customization. Make the existing nodes "meta" and the added ones more for flavor. Gets frustrating when I try to switch around some nodes and I end up getting pigeonholed into having to follow a build. I know I don't "have" to, but I also don't "have" to drive to work when I can just walk.
And the white guys says, I'll have a Coke then.
what the heck is going on in ggg brains latley.

new skill point nodes. why ?
we still lack more points for current tree.
seriusly how i stretch skilltree points.
those new nodes should be really owerpowered to go for them..

but im pretty sure they suck more than timless jewels.
most players wont even reach over lvl 94 and they dont even care to reach further.
add 30 skillpoints more to tree, and all problems sloved.

on league mehanic. lmao. another legion/breach copy pasta. but whole map.

That mist effect is probably gonna kill the performance of low pc spec.
I Believe I Can Fly ~~~~
I really hope we don't see any sort of melee/cyclone nerf again.
Two and a half weeks just isn't enough of an announcement window for those of us who want to take a week off of our full-time jobs :(
GGG said "Dropping from any monster in the Delirium League, these new Jewels are..." in announce page. This means that getting desired Cluster Jewel is left to RNG.

To enjoy the new mechanics of Delirium League is difficult in SSF, because it is not possible to make a build plan considering a passive skill from Cluster Jewel with PoB before playing the League.
codetaku wrote:
Two and a half weeks just isn't enough of an announcement window for those of us who want to take a week off of our full-time jobs :(

I joined this league about six weeks in. I've barely got to red maps. I kinda of lost interest in playing anymore right now. damn
And the white guys says, I'll have a Coke then.
In regards of the new cluster gems and new skill nodes.
Cassia: It's branching Exile!

So this is basically the second mental illnes themed league after Synthesis, 2019.

But this time it is the player and not Cavas. Could be a mild teaser why the Exiles went mad in the first place when/before joining Zana to become the new Endgame bosses in patch 3.9.

The league mechanic itself (Breach + Synthesis) is solid but nothing overly exciting but makes sense in a narrative way of things, if you follow the lore of the Elderslayers.

Same approach like Breach,Legion or Metamorph, where you collect league currency for some endgame encounters:
Collecting splinters,organs.
Doing Timeless Conflict or Tane's Lab.

The final judgement will be in the same week as the league starts, when we see some more updates to the game engine, skills, ascendancies.


One issue to consider (and maybe rework) is how the league mechanic will affect the general visibility in different (other league mechanic) scenarios or map tile sets.
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Looking good! More customization = More fun

This is a buff.

Really looking forward to the new content!

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