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Grinding Gear Games
Good JOB !
Upgrade your servers GGG.
I love you GGG
Best League ever.
Not super enthused by the look of the supporter packs. Just not my thing.

Orbs of delirium great... Yet another requirement to pile on to maps to make solo map sustain something more than myth.

Tier, chis, alch, vaal, sextant, influence, and now delirium.

And cluster jewels, so now traders can literally buy a better skill tree.

Trader gift league #27 confirmed.

Oh well I'm used to living on scraps by now, we'll see what the patch notes say.
GGG makes it so the game feels like a job instead of a hobby so that it can profit from all the social training everyone gets to work harder and self-exploit. - I could use some like minded people in my guild. - I don't see reply notifications.
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Niiiice thanks GGG

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