PS4 servers are restarting now. They should be back up in approximately .

Announcing Path of Exile: Delirium

Steven Kings The Mist meets RPG! Looks awesome, you guys never disappoint!
Keep up the awesome Job
wtf :O
Saving the world, one mob at a time.
Wonder, how much close to the melting point this Mist will bring most GPUs. Looking good tbh.
I eat cats for breakfast.
Wow, that looks amazing! The supporter packs as well, can't decide between the two...
PoB maintainer probably screeching right now... 280 new notables???????
im 1 minute into the trailer and i already feel sorry for the person behind path of building ... but insane stuff AGAIN!
Last edited by willeke on Feb 25, 2020, 3:13:26 PM
280 new notables? Might be "fun" within the league (rup regret prices), but afterwards? With 10% chance on maps? Some of those will be expensive as fuck.

First time I am not hyped at all.
Figures, that I share my birthday with Path Of Exile...

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