Announcing Path of Exile: Delirium

Looks awesome!
New skill gems and all of them are ranged or spells

And the only melee unique shown is one that only has 70 life and lets you take 2 banners which isnt much as that requires more mana to be reserved plus its a body armour which has to compete with conqueror influenced armors and uniques like Farrul's

So yep, Melee stays dead this league. Thank you GGG for hating Melee for yet another half a year.
GGG refuses to buff Melee and gives every surivability tool to Spell/Ranged/Minion Builds because they dont play the game or at least melee themself.
[Removed by Support]
-The Truth
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Looks good GGG.
I might not play every league or even buy that many support pack's, but
I always come and look at them.
But I have to say this is the 1st time I didn't like one.

Not saying they look bad it just not my style.

On the league itself without playing it, I kinda like the idea I just hope the upgrades on the skill tree dont go core. But I wont mind the monster or mode stay I liked what i saw.
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I LOVE IT!! Thank you GGG
Super Hyped
We failed once, We failed twice, We must fail again!

WE'll b@ng ok?
Mixed feeling. The concept and league itself is bonkers... definitely worth a support package, but with those trade bots / traders / RMT now being able to literally buy in game power (the new tree) is ammm... scary to say the least, lets see how it turns out, but i am really scared on this... Also lets hope those passive tree upgrades are not rare af cause RIP SSF...

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