Announcing Path of Exile: Delirium

FOGchamp league
They should sell league starter pack comes wif character level 70 wif choosen 20+ skill gem level 18, all acts completed except new act, then i will play xD, since so many ppl R _ T to start the league
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just won a bet with my friends that the new league will be like Blight and will be a chaos league to kill the players. I am right;)
This seems interesting.

I am so tired of being shoe horned into a boring fast meta build to be able to enjoy the league mechanic.
Re-used assets league.

Legion + Breach
GO PLAY DIABLO IMMORTAL ON THE FUCKING IPHONE and let us POE fans enjoy the new content coming out!!

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Not bad, but more darkness style & themes next time please...
First thougt, It looks amazing.

Second thoughts.
-Can my PC handle all those mobs and the fog?
-The game will get more complex with all those new modifiers. After 1000h+ I still finde new stuff. Does it scare off new players? I think it does and will. PoE needs to add something beginner friendly with lots of explanation, or new players will never try it out. Sure it has a strong fanbase, but is it enough?
-(Edit)Also it looks like there are more threats to die, than ever.It reads that way and looks that way. A new league, new and more deaths. Death is still a feature.
Death is a feature, to learn how to play. But I'm still blind.
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vio wrote:

not sure whether i want to play the new league though.
dumped a awful lot of dedication into metamorph, got the best gear i ever had but couldn't kill sirus even once.

missing skill ... whatever.

Doesn't that sound relatable? :D
Metamorph was the first league I played seriously and I also never managed to kill Sirus / Shaper / Elder.
They are just ridiculously hard for new and bad players, and then also really expensive to even try so you certainly don't want to keep trying and dieing 6 times so you just end up getting help to not waste the portal-materials. Got help to get their achievements and challenges etc, hehe.

Has anyone here experienced a league ending before? How does the delve migrate to standard? Do I keep the deeper one (Metamorph in my case) or do I keep the current standard layout in any case? Do I keep unvisited delve bosses or do I need to kill them before the league ends?
Does my sulphite and azurite amount transfer over?

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