Conquerors of the Atlas - Sirus Statistics

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I wonder how many of those people that died in the Sirus fight, did so to the completely unannounced corrupted blood mechanic which you need a very rare jewel corruption or flask charges to counteract (flask charges you wont get in this fight, since there are no ads to kill)

After a couple days of play to proc the fight I was doing fine on a blind run with plenty of portals left and 6k life, plenty of mitigation, perma fortify, leech, 600+ life regen, immunity to all ele status effects etc.

I had about 600k dps or so without even calculating impale or putting up a totem, and was moving around nicely due to cyclone dodging all of the nonsense storms and beams from offscreen. It was a bit slow going, but for SSF it was decent.

Then in the space of a minute I lose the fight to repeated giant degens that I had to go on a website to even figure out what they came from.

No visible effect, no verbal cue.. no text or something maybe suggesting that a firey looking beam would deal a bleeding phys degen.
Just oh yeah there goes your all of your health from an apparently tiny scratch of a teeny beam hit.

I tanked the stupid meteors twice and lived, then lost the fight to a scrawny looking beam that deals ginormous damage corrupted blood.

You might as well have given him some surprise reflect
Sirus has a pretty good K/D
DissonantOne wrote:
1. Endless issues with the storm clouds.
2. Constant one-shot deaths from a Sirus you can't even see on your screen
3. Dying because you can't escape his comet-maze because you are too close to the stairs.
4. Getting to Sirus requires far too much time and RNG.
5. Lack of color contrast between the damaging ground and the normal ground.
6. The Sirus effigy in the sky isn't transparent, making it even harder to see what's going on in the fight.

Don't take it from me. Here's 28+ pages of anger. Nearly unanimous.

This. Sirus is example of very poorly designed boss fight.
Playing PoE since v0.9.1 // mirror drop is a myth
i love these statistics :D
and personally i dont think sirus is that hard now, after having attempted it so many times by now :D i do wanna say the offscrean headshot kill when running back into the fighting area is a annoying, and the effigy in the sky is a bit annoying, but no problems for me now aside from that :D
Ye, cuz many people prepare before fighting with sirus. So that they won't die that many times.
dachoppa wrote:
it doesn't make sense to just repeat the numbers in text form. i can read and understand the numbers quicker than reading text. instead, try to come up with reasons why some number is 10 times as high as another. or why there are 4.4 million deaths in sc compared to about 1k in hc. sure, in sc it doesn't matter that much if you die, but you are limited to 6 portals and the encounter is gone if you fail it. the actual reason might be that hardly anyone plays HC. why that may be is a different topic, sure. but man, the statistics (challenges, deaths and such) are soooo lackluster.

edit: i do appreciate the effort. it *is* interesting, but the information value is very low.

Agreed, statistics are very fun to read, but we can read the numbers ourselves. Why do YOU think these stats occur and which other stats do you have (that we dont) to interpret them. Ty in advance.
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we have 6 portals so its not very clear to know if that boss has been killed

1 player can do kill it without death when many others can die each time.

clarify plz who many account have done it by themselfe.

edit : and how is it count when killed in group ?
edit 2 : what is watchstone number difficulty ?

i'm so curious to know how many players have awaken the atlas can we have a ratio for that ?
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