Conquerors of the Atlas - Sirus Statistics

DissonantOne wrote:
1. Endless issues with the storm clouds.
2. Constant one-shot deaths from a Sirus you can't even see on your screen
3. Dying because you can't escape his comet-maze because you are too close to the stairs.
4. Getting to Sirus requires far too much time and RNG.
5. Lack of color contrast between the damaging ground and the normal ground.
6. The Sirus effigy in the sky isn't transparent, making it even harder to see what's going on in the fight.

Don't take it from me. Here's 28+ pages of anger. Nearly unanimous.

Also fun when he did the tunnel thing and literally stood in a cloud himself. Had to move into the cloud to make his attacks stop. Who wouldnt die then? Still randomly get stuck in walls he is creating when I leap slam at the wrong time.

Took me more than 50 maps just to spawn a conqueror once. Up until the first awakener kill spawns are fine and controlled, then its just pure rng of how many maps you have to run to spawn conquerors again. Should be 5-15 maps garanteed spawn, not pure rng like so much in the game already is.
Exile009 wrote:
It would have been much more enlightening had you provided us with a comparison between Sirus' kill counts and those of the Uber Elder and Uber Atziri. Then we'd be able to tell who really is the deadliest boss in the game right now.

The deadliest boss in the game are the devs. You can attribute the majority of deaths out there to incredibly poor game design, not genuinely challenging content. By not being able to see what is happening off screen, not even being able to see what is happening on-screen a lot of the time because of the OTT Street Fighter effects.

The game play has fallen a long way from when Dominus used to be the end game boss.
I've had zero attempts so far. not that I was trying to fight him, since everything endgame these days is balanced around multiple million dps builds, so I wouldn't be able to kill him anyway. it's the bane of casual soloplay without converting to the meta. you generally don't do these fights, if they have time to attack you.
Hey, hey! It's the Postal Dude! Get him!
I guess 4408600 of the 4408603 deaths are mine
Nofff wrote:
I guess 4408600 of the 4408603 deaths are mine

How the hell did you manage to spawn that many Sirus attempts? Teach us your secrets!
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
Missing some stats from here. We need to also know how many hardcore players have exited the game during a fight - that will give you a better a better indication for hardcore than a K/D ration

There is an important stats that is missing. In fact, for any statisticians, this is the basic stats: total size of the sample that would be how many Sirius fights have been enabled.

With the current stats, we can only see the minimum Sirius fights done (Sirius Deaths). It would have been interesting to know that number BECAUSE we could derive the amount of Sirius fights failures.

Another stats would have been the amount of fights per day on a calendar.

Lastly, I would have liked to know how the Sirius stats compare to the good old fights with Uber Elder and the new Uber elder fights.

Thank you
This comment section is almost as bad as Reddit somehow...
Ty GGG for providing us with proof once more that hc makes people play better, you don't throw yourself at content you can't handle unless your gear is on point and have enough levels to get the right balance of offense and defense, the rest is individual mechanical skill.

This is just a fact, you don't have to be on your A-game if don't get punished if you're not. Most sirus farmers i know in mhc have killed AL8 sirus other 50+ times each without losing a character, so these stats do make perfect sense.

that statistics tells us nothing really.

4.3M deaths by Sirus in SC.

how many players is that?

it doesn't mean 4.3M players of course. you get 6 portals, so we need to divine this 4.3M by X. X is the numbers of tries. that can be between 1 to 6.

and we need another factor: y = the numbers of retries per player.
let's assume you, like me, tried 7 times Sirus A8, but managed only once, and in 4 portals. so that's 4 deaths + (6 failures * 6 portals per failure).

4.3M / X / Y = estimated numbers of players died by Sirus.

But that's not the end.
the last factor is Z = number of players who killed Sirus without dying.

so only after knowing X, Y, Z, we might get useful information from the data.

otherwise, it gives nothing.

the right statistics would be how many chars created in metamporh, how many chars reached sirus, and how many chars killed sirus.

They need to fix Sirus - its like a completely dead league for anything other than super tanky characters or characters who invest so much that they get ridiculous burst damage.

Not to mention how buggy he is and how cluttered his abilities all are. Would be way better if they could add in some form of floor markers where 1shot kill abilities would land.

The loot from him is very uninspiring for how long it takes to get to him as well.

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