Conquerors of the Atlas - Sirus Statistics

Those stats... wow !
Would absolutely love to see a follow-up to this with Awakening Level breakdown, K/D rate at various ALs, a distribution of "how many players have X total kills" etc.
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It would have been much more enlightening had you provided us with a comparison between Sirus' kill counts and those of the Uber Elder and Uber Atziri. Then we'd be able to tell who really is the deadliest boss in the game right now.
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I'm going to take this opportunity to finally have the rant that I've been wanting to have all league. I know that the 'hardcore serious business gamers' are loud on the forums, but this league has seriously pandered to them at the expense of the experience of the vast majority of POE players who don't do it fucking professionally.

I don't want to be forced to play a bang on meta build with dozens of ex worth of gear just to clear the atlas, or complete t16 maps. I don't want to have to grind my way to 20+ex to build something that should be perfectly viable (indeed was one shotting content a couple of leagues ago), only to find out that it still can't kill a t16 metamorph reliably. I don't want to be on my third build before I even manage to find something that is capable of killing the conquerors without being constantly one shot by autoattacks or taking half an hour to grind down Drox. I don't want the "on-meta" build I finally resorted to to still periodically get one-shot because the first hit from a channelled skill that this metamorph happens to have stuns me and the second one kills me, or because it drops shit on the ground that I can't see because of the 24 other mobs standing on it.

The balance changes made this league are not fun. I don't mind there being some challenging content that I can't access because I'm not an obsessive min-maxer with infinite time on my hands - I more or less felt that way about the shaper/elder/uber elder/uber atziri fights. I would have the odd try at them, and sometimes the build I was enjoying playing would be capable of taking them down, and that felt great, at other times not so much. I didn't mind that because they were off being their own little world that I could choose not to interact with. But this league that content is just goddamn everywhere and genuinely this is the first time I have found poe frustrating and unfun to play, and I've been an active player every single league since open beta.

I'm nowhere near a 'casual' player - I can't imagine what this league would be like as an experience for someone who genuinely has only a couple of hours a week to commit to this game. I'd imagine 'pointless'.

PS: I've killed Sirius. The first time I came to him it was trivial. I watched a video and killed him deathless, and wondered why the "end boss" was so trivial compared with the other content. The second time I failed to kill him because I made a mistake and died to a meteor, and I COULD NOT FIND HIM again without getting one shot by his charged autoattack on the way.
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vio wrote:
had one attempt, failed. dunno if i got the playtime to try again.

by the time i get another shot, i probably have forgotten all the stuff i learned from the fight.

but, seeing the statistics, i'm happy to see that there are so many necromancers playing. may they drown in awakener gems and exalts ;)

this. :)
and btw, tried with a necromancer too...didnt worked.
Now add drop stats from all these kills.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
So what about AL8 Sirus attempts?
More statistics to show how bad 3.9 is...

Sirus fight is boring, takes too long due to artificial delays, unfriendly to certain builds yet is is mehcanically one of weaker boss fights as well.

All it has are very deadly attacks or area-denial skills that will most likely kill you if you get hit.

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