Conquerors of the Atlas - Sirus Statistics

Sems low.
baconbyte wrote:
dachoppa wrote:
it doesn't make sense to just repeat the numbers in text form. i can read and understand the numbers quicker than reading text. instead, try to come up with reasons why some number is 10 times as high as another. or why there are 4.4 million deaths in sc compared to about 1k in hc. sure, in sc it doesn't matter that much if you die, but you are limited to 6 portals and the encounter is gone if you fail it. the actual reason might be that hardly anyone plays HC. why that may be is a different topic, sure. but man, the statistics (challenges, deaths and such) are soooo lackluster.

said buy someone who doesn't like statistics obviously

i do like statistics. my background is a financial analyst and data scientist. that's why i would like to see some more in-depth reasoning.
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You should post the console stats for the lols.
Because as the first person to kill sirus on console hc and only 1 of 2 people I think it would be hilarious
ty for statistics ggg!
Don't nerf him further please.
I really like this boss fight and it should be hard and rewarding.
1. Sirrus fight was really broken the first, most active, month of the league. Obviously, you'd expect a lot of deaths on broken encounters.
2. The encounter itself is taking more than 70-110 maps to even attempt. Dissolve that in more required activities (Syndicate being mandatory) and time to reach it becomes grossly long compared to the old endgame encounters.
3. These old endgame encounters are taking even longer to attempt now, also being inherently random (like, you can have 4-7 sets of 3-keys with 4th key being missing altogether).
4. The current endgame has become totally unrewarding. There's little chance of endgame bosses dropping anything valuable and time to reach them is both random and extremely long.

All of these notions should be clearly visible in statistics if you break it up.

On a sidenote, Awakened skill gems are an error. If you need to equip a totally different set of gems for the endgame, levelling and qualitying anything else becomes a waste of time and resources. That the current game is balanced around these makes at least some of these mandatroy, which is even worse. You can obviously make a game for 3% "best players" -- but how many of the rest will remain to pointlessly grind with no reward? Diablo-clone ARPGs are based around character development -- and you can't develop if you don't have anything to develop. Delve, for example, was different -- players actually could progress their gear. But it was gutted.
Killed him on my second attempt. One of the worst fights in PoE.
Anything that´s unrelated to elephants is irrelephant
I ignore this fight exists now. I don't see the point of wasting my time on such a badly made clusterfuck that is still terrible post changes.

A friend may well do it for their challenge but the best thing to do is to spawn the portals and then instantly open a new map and forget Sirus exists.

GGG at exilecon: "we know how to do good boss fights"
Sirus: ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Players: "wow how badly could you get this shit wrong and not realise its terrible?"
League Sirus K/D
Metamorph | 4.3
Hardcore Metamorph | 0.13
SSF Metamorph | 4.9
SSF Metamorph HC | 0.2

excuse me but thats wrong. it's either "Sirus D/K" or you have to have other numbers there. this way it suggests that it's 4.3 Sirus kills per Death for example.
HC is so dead lmao

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