The Salvage Box has been Scrapped

Just tossing ideas around here, but what if the roll pool for the salvage box were restricted to the mystery box (or boxes) for whatever dupes were fed to it, and further, the dupes fed to it were also excluded from that pool? That way the salvage box price could be justified since it would behave like a proxy mystery box, while the dupe(s) sacrificed would provide added value both in terms of determining the proxy box flavor (roll pool) and restrict the possible results (by excluding themselves from that pool).
This should have be introduce like this :

OR you "pay" 20points to get a 100% different item (that you don't allready own) to put value on this system

OR its FREE (no points to scrap" and then its the basic fonction, scrap to get a random item.

But paying again to gamble again to be disappointing again that's really bad.
To anyone saying they got awesome stuff: You got very lucky. Most people reported getting back the SAME ITEMS! That's not fucking right. Period.

That being said, I'm very happy GGG acknowledged that we will not stand for this and removed it because it's shit like this that kills F2P games.
and now pls also be as quick to bring back the old shatter-sound. thank you
if it can sarcrifice 1 or more items that i don't like / want and 10 point just to get another random item, it would be nice. But 30 point to reroll and delete 1 "dupplicated" item to get higher chance? Meh, i'm out
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For me personally, it would be enough, if I could hide MTX I dont like and never use, so that the stash is no longer cluttered.
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I am VERY unhappy with this decision. I have been so stressed about dupes and my OCD bothers me bad about this and this box was going to fix all my problems..

At 3 dollars a pop I was so happy to buy some of these to get rid of the bad juju loot box dupes..

I really dont like how you caved to so much negative bullshit so soon you should have gave us a weekend to mull it over.

THis knee jerk reaction to reddit has to stop..

Those salvage boxes would have made me so happy It would have save Loot box buyers tons of Money and made GG tons of money...

If you dont like spending money on the game then dont buy shit..stop ruining it for the rest of us..

I hate dupes so much.... no I am stuck with them forever... thanks guys
this was stupid to begin with,why the fuk this was a thing from the start ????
you can just put reroll function for like 30-100p for a single item to another single item of same category that you dont own regardless of value,but with 50% to get same value mtx.
here,i did your homework for you. yes,it's less profitable,but without feeling like you are trying to scam me and not even hiding it. that box was like a spit in the face.
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girng wrote:

Some players have genuine self-control issues regarding gambling and this particular transaction would have essentially charged them again for the compulsive purchases that led them to have hordes of duplicates,

I really don't understand posts like this. Why are you so worried about how other people spend their money?

Maybe GGG should just scrap the MTX shop and make the game subscription based, right? /s

I just hate seeing people get taken advantage of.

It's one thing to sell a loot box to someone with the mutual understanding that they might feel suckered after the purchase.

It's another thing to sell another loot box to someone you already suckered with the hope of a mulligan that may end up suckering them again.

That's just a bridge too far for me.

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