The Salvage Box has been Scrapped

That this was ever even considered in the first place, let alone greenlighted and made live is a testament to how little respect you guys have for the players (as anything other than ATMs, obviously).
Can't you just make the box cost 200 points or something and its a permanent item? You are basically trading 2 or more of your current mtx that u have already paid for for 1 new random item. It wont give you infinite of good shit for the future, it will only clean up peoples mtx tabs for a short time. After that point it would actually only increase your mystery box sales for everybody who had a salvage box as well.

Edit: You make more money by putting that box permanent into the game & you make your community happier with your current mystery boxes because the issue of people having shitload of mtx that is pointless and that they paid for will be solved.
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Pull this shit again, GGG.

I dare you.

You may have gotten away with the Aura Removal MTX, but you ain't getting away with this.

Your recent greedy and predatory practices are being tolerated no more.

Expect even more backlash if you try something like this again.

There needs to be FREE recycling. People already PAID for their Loot Box MTX's, there isn't any reason to milk people further.
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Wow, I really liked the salvage box. I had bought several and was going to buy more. I loved being able to convert duplicates to something I didn't have. No idea who you were listening to, but it wasn't someone who spends around $100 per month on MTX. Please bring back.
The salvage feature should be free, not paid.

Instead of making the resulting items more valuable, make it of the same rarity, like an Ancient Orb. Different item, same tier, no dupes.
No idea who you were listening to, but it wasn't someone who spends around $100 per month on MTX.

You mean like yourself? Mister Deep Pockets, over here.
You guys never cease to amaze me. Hats off for the unbelievably quick remedy to for your players.
Ok i didnt want but i have to. CHris please. Finally u gave us an opportunity to burn 500 dollars of duplicates. Finally i (my friends also) was able to get rid off them...and now its too late...maaaan. only problem is imho u wanted 3 dolars fpr 1 box while ill loose 30dollars to get any chance for better item( i mean rare one) . Idea was nice. But forget your 3dollars you are giving us only Oltx. Nothing special. So since ure willing to give us somethin, dont make us pay for it since its a all time wanted n1 thing. Stop making mtx with no sense and focus on this problem right now. I want to spend money, but not for this tbh. Its simple
Free salvage box for all ppl
Not limitrd. Min cost of salvaged itemz for example 150 coins and youre perfect to go. If u add a little tweak: u cant get blood wings for example from salvage box since u already have them. AND EVERYONE WILL STOP HATONG U GGG. Its that simple. Nobody in this case will say a word

But like this its the saddest move u ever done imho. And one more thing. Reddit and all those places where every stupid kid can makr his opinion...hmmm u do really want to listen to this? If yes. Ill be supersad. This may never happened.

Many regards. Still your but really annoyed Kash
I still want a way to get rid of my duplicate microtransactions. I really liked the idea behind the salvage box, but making us pay for that after we already paid for these MTX in the first place was unacceptable.

Let us recycle for free please. We already pay to support you in the first place.
Achievement hunter!
Yes Verillo exactly like that..exactly

Reedited; ok ggg. I just deleted 1 page of my opinions how to get out of this sad situation.

Since now ive decided to not support you until u give us at least another opportunity to solve ours biggest problem.

I will wait u can trust me. I can wait 4ever

Many regards,

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