The Salvage Box has been Scrapped

digibluez wrote:
Raycheetah wrote:
acensionx wrote:
Personally I wished loot boxes don't give you duplicates in first place so there wouldn't be a need fox 'Salvage Box'.

That would remove the risk, which is the whole point. As you propose it, you would spend 30 points per item in the box until you had gotten every single one, and at a tremndous discount. ='[.]'=

is that not the point of the boxes in the first place, to get them cheaper, so more ppl buy them right at release, instead the few who buy single items

No, it's not. ='[.]'=
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Can't believe some people are defending GGG over these boxes and lamenting that they were removed from the store. I guess that's why GGG went ahead with it - they know some people just don't know better and are 100% willing to be scammed if it comes wrapped in a cute ribbon.
Want it back as well -.-. We do have duplicates on mtx, with no use. Should be our decision to use it or not.
foulplay wrote:
oldkingcoal wrote:
Unpopular opinion: this game is free, and leagues and event reward you with free micros and boxes, its updated and curated for free and you never have to pay a dime. This box offers an alternate avenue of spending to people who already invest money in what is essentially gacha that supports the developer that is, once again, making this game available to you for free. Bullying them to take something off the market that you dont need to pay for, because again its your own choice to buy the product or not, then celebrating the dismisal of a path to monitization the company that, again, is making the game FREELY AVAILABLE, is childish woke bullshit. This isnt EA or activision implementing paywalls its a cosmetic gacha that allows them to generate revenue and keep the lights on.

People gambling for these boxes are not "investing". They are gambling. This box was an additional layer of gambling which was badly implemented, scummy and greedy - evidenced by the fact that it got removed so fast.

The community doesn't support this level of greed. Your opinion is unpopular because offering a free-to-plpay game can, and should, be separate from predatory manipulative gambling functions targeting the people most likely to be at risk, those who open random boxes and have pages of dupes.

Dupes should be recyclable or excluded from the pool, or this box should have guaranteed new drops without the chance for new dupes.

The argument "just ignore it if you dont like it" never teaches publishers or developers the lessons they need to learn, it just excuses poor behaviour.

it is absolutely an investment. you are investing into the game. literally every dollar goes to paying the developers of the game so they can continue to develop the game. these boxes provide no in game advantages or benefits to the player and are purely cosmetic, and your entire argument is that of entitle-ism. You are NOT forced to buy these boxes, you are not being coaxed and the mechanics and rates at which things can drop and what is available to you are made clear, there is not one iota of "predatory" or "manipulative" business practice involved.

These are your options, either support the development through the game through micro-transactions or pay a subscription model. This game doesn't develop itself and complaining every time the developer tries to seek non-intrusive monetization is childish
how dumb i thought it was a good idea since i have 10000 aurora's.....if u didnt like it DONT BUY IT OR USE IT ... wow amazing concept....
That's a shame. I liked it. I had A LOT of duplicate MTXs, enough to get two guaranteed rare MTXs in return, both of them were well worth the loss of the extras that I sacrificed. This was actually one of GGGs better ideas as far as I am concerned! Granted, now that my duplicate MTXs are gone, I have no more need for the Salvage Boxes, but I'm glad they came out, even if just for a short time!
thats a good change. I mean, if they wont delete it o would lost most of my MTX trying roll something other =/
Jerle wrote:

Well. The box is not my cup of tea. But it still feels like the lesser evil compared to having your duplicates sitting in your mtx tab. I don’t see myself using this. But I can definitely see some who might want this. In any case, really busy with this league and been missing all the social media drama. Blight is a great league, the usual early league bugs/performance issues notwithstanding.

I’m glad GGG came up with this before Exilecon :D

Given I have exactly 1GGGold, I didn't see myself using it in a hurry either, despite having oodletonnes of duplicates.

I'm glad they scrapped it before Exilecon. I feel there are already enough questionable issues and eyebrow-raisers and awkward-feet-shuffling topics as is. I expect I won't actually be talking about PoE all that much, if past meet-ups are anything to go by.

And GOOD ON YOU for getting lost in a league. That's what they're there for.

You're not Exiles. You're clowns! Toa thonna mondarr! Nocklith! Vohkbar! YOU'RE ALL CLOWNS! CLOWNS! CLOWNS!
Raycheetah wrote:
acensionx wrote:
Personally I wished loot boxes don't give you duplicates in first place so there wouldn't be a need fox 'Salvage Box'.

That would remove the risk, which is the whole point. As you propose it, you would spend 30 points per item in the box until you had gotten every single one, and at a tremndous discount. ='[.]'=

Actually, the whole point of the boxes is profit. It's a cash shop item, so GGG almost positively designed it for the cash. The "risk" is just a contributor to the profit, in that it increases the profit if people fail and need to buy more boxes due to the risk.

However, if the boxes never getting dupes ends up encouraging people to buy them over and over again until they get every single item in it, that might actually be MORE profitable for GGG depending on how many people end up saying "Must get every box item! BUY BUY BUY" compared to how many end up buying the more expensive items later in the future or had to buy extra boxes due to failing from the "risk" (probability, bad luck, etc).

Not that I know necessarily whether or not that would be the case, of course.
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I think something like this should be given out free if people paid for these items the first time and got dupes after all they still paid to get the same item they cant use and wouldnt have paid if they knew they would get the same item

Either make it so you cant get dupes of items you already have or make something like this in the mtx char/shop window to put your item in and reroll it until it isnt the same as the item rerolling

Also this is coming from someone who doesnt have any dupes and dont plan to buy mtx so no bias
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