Path of Exile: Legion Patch Notes

nice. :-)
Hi Daddy!
IGN: @Chek_Leech
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Another huge list. I think I got the basics but who knows...
From League Starter to Shaper – Cheap, Tanky, Fast and Fun Physical ST – Very Detailed Guide

Gannicus, God of the Arena – Deathless Uber Elder for Everyone
So, after 3 months of people rapidly leaving a league due to one of the most devastating optimization issues introduced to the game, there is still no patched fix for Intervention encounters?

You do realize that was one of the top reasons why Synth sucked so hard, yeah? The change from Betrayal to Synthesis of having Interventions load mid-map rather than being loaded as the map itself loads legitimately makes it impossible to complete those encounters, even with people using the latest M2 SSD's.

It's still going to cause game-ruining lag and crashes. So whats the point of even playing this league if we can expect to crash or die to latency every time an Intervention encounter spawns? Couple this with Immortal Call no longer being able to provide a buffer for these encounters, and you are welcoming in yet another dead league geared towards pissing off all Hardcore players.

Absolutely ridiculous quality assurance.
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why nerf warlord marks ? WHyyyy ? Buff Melee, but don't fuck whit the rest of the speel builds .

Very interesting changes, but changing crit multi near scion into 8% incr accuracy was (forgive me) just stupid. WHO will take these passives, while just next to them, just behind Path of the Hunter are passives with 8% accuracy and also evasion?! If you wanted to nerf these crit multi passives, you should reduce it to 3-5% each, and add accuracy, this would make sense in my opinion. Now, scion doesn't have any nearby crit multi, except 12% in True Strike notable.

Cya around!

This makes me happy!
Where the HECK is "discus thrower"?
You can now queue skills. By using one skill while another skill is in progress, that skill will be used immediately after the current skill has finished.

Is this designed with override priorities in mind?

X is in progress.
You notice the boss starts preparing ROXXCANON3000.
Because you panicked, by accident you hit say the slowest spell in the world, town portal.
You notice it and instantly click somewhere to start moving (being aware that you need to wait for X to finish of course).

Is the movement overwriting the queued TP or am I still fucking myself over?
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Gotta love when all melee classes get buffed to balance everything but even though theyre up to par occultist has to get nerfed into the ground xd. Hopefully it gets reverted since no one other than cursebots will touch it now

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