Path of Exile: Legion Patch Notes


Hi Vanq :)
Last edited by Takiri on Jun 6, 2019, 12:25:01 AM
Patch notes are here,
my aversion allayed.
100's of melee builds
keep me awake.

I can't feel my hands
or my feet for that matter.
What now Winter Orb?
Is melee on the ladder?

Ziz slayer cyclone
Raiz doesn't care
He will get 2nd and then
die in his chair.

Aila will make the same build
and still win.
He's asian, right Chris?
Righteous fire nerf when?

Reddit is mad,
just as mad as they get.
I want to click button-
get loots and get wet.

3 days until reset,
what do we do?
PoB, PoB
maybe PoB too?

Johnathan, Chris,
Qarl, Bex and Mark.
I've read all their stuff
like a kid in a park.

I sit with my hands,
folded neat in my lap.
I writhe and I wriggle
like a Cat in a Hat.

I can't sit still Bex,
can you help me with this?
I'll give you my energy
for early access.

The worst week in years
when's the agony over?
Hey mom can the Maraketh, Karui
and Templar come over?

What's with this wait,
I've been writing an hour.
How long can this patch be?
I'm taking a shower.

Best get it in now
cause for weeks I will wallow.
Conquer Red Bull, down Twizzlers
and the Empire will follow.
Dab on them haters
:) Finally
in b4 rage
It's time for war!
Trading still sucks

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