Path of Exile: Legion Patch Notes

So you nerfed the "feelsgood" aspect of the soulrend, not the damage.. good job /s
GGG Patch Notes: "Fixed a bug where players actually wanted to play the game"

Wicked Ward has been removed.
Vile Bastion: No longer requires any Ascendancy notables. It now grants 1% energy shield regeneration per second for each enemy you or your minions have killed recently, up to 10% (from a maximum of 30%). No longer grants +150 to maximum energy shield.
Each of the small passives on the Occultist Ascendancy tree now grant 6% increased energy shield (from 8%).

Cleave blender confirmed? 80% att speed added?? O.o
no mention of map drops changes.. well.. okay.

the rest I kinda already had something in my mind about numbers.. other skills caught me off guard that you mostly buffed..
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"Added new top-tier modifiers for Added Fire Damage, Added Cold Damage, and Added Lightning Damage. These are available on items with an ilevel of 82 or greater."

Will the highest tier essence added elemental damage mod be increased?

previously the highest essence elemental damage was very slightly higher than top tier.

will the essence mod be modified at all or this new tier is above all else?


also , does any of the new melee stuff apply to animate weapon?

i expected to see maybe some flat damage on the skill for levelling with it or something
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damn twitch-messed kids
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TLDR version is highly anticipated
RIP Molten Strike, but saw it coming. Probably still good, but still hurts to see.

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