Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Hello, my Hideout for the Competition "Kochis Coral Hideout"

Hope you guys and girls will enjoy it GL and HF everyone!
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After a lot of "Open Air" Hideouts this is my first "Underground" one.

The Theme I picked is a cursed Lair with a long lost forgotten Statue that will reveal her secrets only to the most courageous adventurers.

Tileset is Immaculate Hideout and most of the MTX is just for some extra effects. Except the Rhoa Dinner of course :D

Hello exiles,

Hopefully I'm not too late with this. I had a completely different idea for this hideout but with how much favour Slum Buildings cost and getting really unlucky with Einhar spawns, I thought I'd take on the challenge of swimming upstream and building a hideout using one of the old layouts, but jazzing it up with the new decorations.

My theme for this one was a forgotten library, belonging to an ancient order of erudite Paladins, with lots of timeworn tomes, mysterious relics and sculptures of its former caretakers.

It had to include both an inside and an outside area, with master-relevant areas for each master, a crafting corner that made sense (complete with a Forge, armour table etc), and a stash area. Anything else is for flavour, aligned with its theme.

I really tried to capture a very high fantasy, ancient aesthetic that pulls you into another world without losing too much of the original design (because if you have 10,000 trees you can basically make a forest anywhere, what's the fun in that).

Herewith: The Ancient Library: (hopefully YouTube processed the 60fps version soon)-

Delvington #2 hideout entry (no mtx)
A small mining town and their struggle to keep the azurite flowing.

the workshop, where the magic happens

the market, brightly lit and always busy!

deeper exile, deeper(i wonder whats in there?)
Hi there!
Sorry for the light radius and low settings (potatonootebook).
762 object limit, sadly, so, cant finish my ho comiс story.

P.s.: Total time spend ~3+ days.

click here>>>
Main hall.


Entrance. Square. Brige.




Ugh... My leg! I'm stuck!

Wanted to get my 40/40 done before I submitted my hideout for the cool totem :D Here is my submission! Did my version of the toxic sewer where all of the masters have their own cool zone. Between Einhar and Alva there seems to be some sinister things going on. Zana wants nothing to do with what she sees as pointless torture, so she passes the time with Helena observing the riches they have accrued. Jun has been spending time trying to put together an extravagant dinner for all the masters. Hopefully it will impress Zana :). Niko has been forced into the back corner of the hideout for constantly annoying the other masters with his rambling. He brought all of his maps and samples with him so he could study up for his next trip into the mines. Lastly as you walk through the sewer pipe you sense strong magic on the other side. The magical flowers act as a waypoint at the entrance of a room with magic swirling inside. The statue in the middle has the same function as Zana's map device....Odd. Navali stands next to the giant chest of riches all while taking in the effects of this odd statue on the room. The statue seems to be creating a jungle everywhere around it!

Thanks for reading and watching!
Forgotten Safehouse

Hello all, here is my Hideout Competition submission. This is my first time submitting to one of these contests. The theme is that the masters wanted a quiet, secluded safehouse of their own.

Video Link for full Hideout Walkthrough:

More Images Below:


Waypoint in the library

Main Causeway

Niko guarding his mine entrance.

Alva's Room, all the portals fit and are accessible.

Stash and Guild Stash, along with crafting bench.

Heading past Zana to the map room.

Map room dormant.

Map room active.

Outside the map room is the docks.

A ship crashed outside the docks, and although the sailors were buried, the gate must still remain closed to keep the dead out.

Past the docks is the garden.

Einhar has taken residence outside the main building in the garden, along with his beasts.

The garden again.

The masters' main operations building.

Enjoying the fire with Jun and Helena.

Thanks for looking!
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The Forgotten Island

A few month ago the Immortal Syndicate comes over Wraeclast and terrorized the peoples who lived there. After a fierce fight June and her allies could beat them back.
They could capture the Mastermind Catarina and she was pleading for her life. June, the other Masters and a few exiles thought that it is the best to bring Catarina far away from Wraeclast. They sailed miles and miles over the ocean and left wraeclast behind.
One night there comes a bad storm and the ship capsized. They were driven to an small island where they settled down...

Tileset: Coral Hideout
Decorations: 762 objects, 3 MTX pets, all other stuff is free

Screenshot Medley

Click here to check out the full screenshot album

Click here to watch the video showcase

Click here to download the hideout-file

Hope you enjoy it!

Good luck to all the other hideout-artists.
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