Path of Exile Hideout Competition

I had fun playing with a Coastal Hideout. Looking forward to seeing the winners. Lots of hard work with many styles out there; it's hard to pick!
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The Tale Of The Fox Hideout


Its a bit more than a theme i wrote a story for the hideout:

Long time ago an exile found a hidden icy cold place , but this place was different than any area she's seen before. The weather was much warmer and evergreen trees grew out from the frozen land. How could this be possible she wondered. Suddenly a fox came out from the shadow, the animal seemed curious about the exile, the little creature walked toward her and asked:
- Who are you and how do you managed to find this place? wow this fox talks , maybe its not an animal but something else thought the exile. I must found out is it friendly or dangerous.
-I am here to find shelter, I cannot survive much longer out in the frozen land. This place seems safe for building a home.
-A home? Many years passed since i seen my home. I am a fox as you see but i was a girl in the past. I was in love with a man who lured me into this place and transformed me into a body of a fox, i couldn't escape, and i am not able to leave the cliffs. I am destined to live here forever within this body. My fur is on fire of the anger i feel i cannot manage it. There was nothing in here when i we got here, as years passed i gave my warmth to the land and trees started to grow, plants started to bloom. But the isolation is horrible.
-You do not have to worry about isolation anymore. I will live here with you. And i bring my friends and there will be visitors, you do not have to cry and suffer from fear anymore.
They became friends and the exile was able to bring the fox out from this place with the help of the portals she made. They fought together , and looked for journeys within the atlas of worlds. Some of the exile friends accompanied them and they built a cosy hideout, where exiles, enchanted creatures, even zombies could find shelter. The fox is no longer sad her fur is on fire but not from hatred, it is on fire from joy and the overflowing happiness of the everlasting friendship.

ps: English is not my native language, i am sorry for the grammar mistakes.

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My unearthed Hideout called "Unholy Harbour"

My little unholy Harbour.

Visit the cursed Village!

The Cathedral had to be locked to burn all the corrupted minds inside!

Books with lies join the same destiny! Alva makes sure that not one single note survives the fire.

Currently the poor souls that are left are stuck until a ship arrives, since the roads that lead to this haunted place are filled with shadows, waiting to pounce upon anyone with a beating heart.

Tried to make some screenies 1st but it was just too much to cover.

Hope you will like it :)

Forgot to name it.. :D
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All these #$%^s entering and winning and no share files.

Wanna be pharma-bro when you grow up huh?

To all the true artists who included share links, thank you for being decent by example.
Well they finally drove me off. Inf delve showed me how good the game could be without make work and chores. No going back. Then cheating me out of my MTX draw was the final straw.
Please take a look and enjoy!

<a href="//"></a>
The Great Study Hall


My hideout!
video :

Hey Guys , this is me first entry into this competition i named it the forbidden kingdom , i have a youtube video include to show it as well as all the things i used reaching a total of 762 items max i could get too :P hope you like it cheers

Ragemanaic !

! Hideout competition !

Much to the Muchness ( Give what you wanna get )
Soooooo when is the next hideout competition ? :)

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