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Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Relaxing Lush Hideout

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The Nightmare Machine


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Distant Trench Hideout

It is set up to be a diverse oasis in the desert, with each Master claiming a section for their own.

Thaumaturge's Lair
Lush Hideout

3nd entry

Christmas themed hideout

The Overgrown Temple
Tileset: Luxurious Hideout

Temple Entrance
Here we find Zana, Helena, and Jun a group of explorers who have just stumbled into a lost overgrown temple. They would have missed the small opening in the trees leading here but they saw a bird fly through what they thought was a wall. What they don't know is others have made it here before them.

Shrine to the Goddess
Here you can still make offerings to the Goddess to gain additional powers to your armour.

Chamber of Sacrifice
Einhar has taken up residence here and continued sacrifices. The question is, is it only beasts being sacrificed.

The Archive
Alva has claimed this sanctum of knowledge. Her ability to travel back in time was learned here. She has built up quite a bit of wealth but still wants to learn more so she still resides here.

Temple Exit

The Bog
Navali calls this her home. She accepts trades of most anything shiny in exchange she will grant you prophecies and help you open portals to strange new places.She hopes while you are exploring in these new places you will be able to bring her even more shiny things.Even in a lost Bog we find Niko chasing his sulphite fix.

Expedition to the Gates of Tsoatha

With Oriath restored and the map to Tsoatha in hand, Lily Roth funds an expedition to dive deep beneath the sea. In the ocean's depths, our band of explorers prepares to enter the Gates of Tsoatha. What treasures await them?


I've created a set of underwater ruins meant to be the entrance to Tsoatha. The explorers have used advanced machinery to evacuate two large air pockets, with the water looming above. Best of all, the hideout includes a submersible piloted by brave Einhar!

Best appreciated through video:
Without the domes (for detail):

Best of luck to everyone in the competition.
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My humble entry into the Hideout Competition:

Full gallery:

Map Area

Crafting Area / Stashes


Outer Waypoint

Einhar's Shack + Fireplace

Mining Manager + Chef

Throne Room

Best of luck to everyone!
The Forest Cenote

The Entrance

Helena's Shop

Zana's Study/Niko's Repo

Alva and the jungle

Einhar's Bone Leviathan

Karui Crafting and Cookery

The Ocean Matrix

I realize that this passed the deadline, but i forgot about NZT,I understand if I am not considered for the competition but I do hope you will be lenient

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The Chamber of Hopes and Dreams Luxurious Hideout.

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