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how do you make the green flames around Jun in your undercity HO?
Exile's Rest - Download hideout file
Desert Hideout

When the Syndicate began a bloodbath in Oriath. Some of the strongest Exiles wandered through the desert to find a peaceful place to bury their dead. They stumbled upon an oasis of fortune. A quiet place where they could pay tribute to their fallen friends.

Still, from Niko to Jun... Einhar or Alva, every master was working hard to help the surviving Exiles to bring down the Syndicate while Helena was gathering offerings for the departed.

Close shots

Global shots

Attention : hideouts below are not active in my account. Since I'm using pretty expensive decorations, I cannot have every single hideout active at the same time. I can send an export or switch hideouts if needed.

The Weaver's Nest - Download hideout file
Baleful Hideout

Cornered by Cameria and his minions from the intervention squad. In the northern forest, not far from the Dread Thicket. The Exiles in charge of putting an end to the syndicate activities were forced to fallback inside these caves.

But luck smiles on them. Loosing their assaillants through the tunnels, they found an exiguous path leading to an old room that seems to be some kind of nest.

Here, they have time to rest and plan their next move, but are they really safe in here ?

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Survivor's Training Camp - Download hideout file
Coral Hideout

Did you ever wonder if every Exile reached Lioneye's Watch ? They don't. Some of them wander on the seashore, seeking for a refuge after fleeing the gigantic monstrosity that is Hillock.

That's why some of the greatest masters started this training camp. Finding lost Exiles to prepare and train them to face the Syndicate.

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Hello, this is my submission to Hideout Competition.
I hope You'll like it.
Thanks :)

Hello all! Here's my submission.

Theme: Bloody conservatory

Hideout: Bathhouse (no mtx's)

Intro: With the widespread corruption and abundant monsters, there are few areas in Wreaclast where plant life can grow freely. That's why the Exile and Masters have teamed up to create a conservatory from which the verdant forests can be reintroduced into the world. But how to make sure that the plants are able to grow properly? Why, just use the one thing the Exile leaves in their wake in no shortage: corpses and blood!



This is the map device area. The new forests are growing well, as you can see. Zana finds new places for the Exile to gather corpses.

This is the room where the corpses and blood are processed and a fertilizer for the plants is made. Many red carpets have been taken our of their natural habitat to create this pool of "blood" effect.

Helena handles the machinery that pumps the fertilizer to the plants.

Einhar processes the corpses, both human and monster.

Alva spices up the mixture with some blood magic of her own.

This is Jun's room, where she interrogates Syndicate members before handing them over to Einhar. Syndicate corpses make for a very good renewable resource.

Niko oversees transportation.

And finally, this just a room where you can relax after a day of hard work. Navali just doesn't know what to think about all this.

Here is mine first ever made hideout. Made a small story around it, hope you enjoy it.

The lush brewery
Lush hideout

Ah welcome Exile. I see you found the hidden entrance through the waterfall to our little brewery of the best beer of Wraeclast


To to left you can still find an old shrine from a lost civilization. We aren't sure what God they worshiped, but we respect and still offer some goods to the statue. No idea if it really matters, but we hadn't had single accident yet, so theres that.


'Hey Alva, hows the new harvest looking' 'Excellent one this year!' Alva is our farm expert around here. Who would have known that besides plundering lost civilizations temples, she is an excellent farmer


'Ow yes this harvest really looks like an excellent one, don't you agree Zana?' 'It sure look like so, but move on please. Got a lot of work to do.' 'Ow sorry for bothering you miss'. Zana is our logistic manager. Always busy.


Over the bridge we go, Exile. Look at our little mill working on the new harvest. Might not be the most gorgeous mill, but it gets the job done and that's all what matters to us.


Here's our main storage for the new harvest. It has filled up nicely for sure.


To the right is our harbour, where we transport our beer to a small selective of bars across Wraeclast. Well harbour might not be the best word for it, as just the smallest row boat can dock here.


Ow that smell. Einhar is just finishing up on a juicy Rhoa. Take a sit Exile, I will get us some beers. 'Hey, Helena, two cold ones over here!' Ow you want to see where the magic happens first? Off course Exile, follow me!


Watch your step Exile! We should really build a better bridge.


And here is where the magic happens. The water is stored in the large tank at the right Exile, and filtered before we use it off course. In the middle is the brewer, linked to 6 little brewers where we can change our formula and add new ingredients to it. All of it is stored to the left big tank, before transferred to smaller barrels you can see over the whole place. Such a piece of beauty.


We pomp our own water over here Exile. Naturally filtered by the long travel from the mountains, makes this some of the cleanest water source in the realm. 'Wouldn't you say Niko?' Mmh no answer, seems he is deep in thought coming up with new brew mixes.


And to the left is our beer storage. We let it rest for several months before being shipped out of here. Or drunk here. Most of it is drunk here to be honest with you Exile.

With that out little tour has ended Exile. Now lets get that beer, shall we?

Import file:

To import it, press the download button, open it with notepad, and save it as a .hideout (dont forget to change the save type to all files).

Or use this link:

it has a download button, and you can check what decorations you need as well.

It uses 1 Rhoa dinner from the 2018 April fools event, but besides that no other MTX. You can replace the dinner with a market stall if you don't have it.

Thanks for reading!
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I never actually bothered with making a nice hideout before, but i got into it this league and well this is the end result of my Snowy Coastal hideout.

The exiles have stranded here with their ship and build a little village for the "common folk" on the beach. With a more luxerious building up.

The upper level is more a cathedral themed, with a little shrine area and a war room where Alva an Jun are planning the next moves.
All the way to the top right you can find Niko with his own little Azurite mine.
Up from the "courtyard" you will enter the treasure room with Zana and the map device.

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This is not only my first forum post but also my first try in making a decent hideout - thought a competition like this is the perfect opportunity to try!

The theme of my hideout is Sunken smugglers city.
Set in the sunken remains of a former city, a new smugglers base is growing. There is a market place, sunken caves and a graveyard to enjoy - Details can be seen in the following pics:

Starting with the main site, the market place:

Oh, there are some dudes fishing at the market place - wonder what they will find...?

From the market place, you can walk over to Alvas exploration lair where she is planning her incursions.

You can also hop over to the local graveyard

and wander around leftover parts from the former city

But beware: you don't want to end up in Juns torture devices where she wants to extract every bit of information about the syndicate from you

Last but not least, if you explore all the secrets of the sunken city, you might find yourself exploring an old rotten cave just north from the market place which suddenly opens up to a treasure room in which you can find a map device

Thanks so much for browsing through the images - all pictures can be found here

Good luck to everybody entering the competition! I have seen so many brilliant ideas while searching for the end of this post that now I am afraid of sharing my own :D

The Observatory

>>> VIDEO <<<


Top level featuring two observatory domes.

Observatory dome 1.

Eyepiece station details.

Observatory dome 2.


Middle level with a planetarium and map device.

Solar system model showing the first 9 planets.

Last 2 planets.

Eyepiece stations.

Map device.

Sun & Moon display.

Moon door to the upper level.

Sun door to the lower level.

Lower level housing the astronomical library and a galaxy model.

Duality statue.

Right wing of library.

Left wing of library.

Galaxy model.


>>> VIDEO <<<


Start of the valley showing unusual plant growth emanating from an ultramarine colored substance.

A derelict machine some speculate may have been capable of flight.


The tail section of the machine has broken off as we travel further into the valley.


Plant growth is more vigorous within the heart of the valley. Another war machine is abandoned along its side.


The Vaal seem to have made this island an outpost in the distant past.

Through the jungle there's a clearing with a massive flying machine. It seems to have been carrying a payload of the blue substance.

One of the giant engines of the machine to the left. On the right is a hatch to the interior of the machine.

Skeleton crew.

Nearby features a map device powered by one of the machine's engines.

Activated map device.

Details of the generator.

A coastal village nearby houses members of mapping expeditions.

Niko regulates the power levels of the generator.

Haha you are captured, stupid beast!


A pier allows for transport to and from the island.

Coolant system for the generator.

GGG, please consider reworking the favor system again. There are also various bugs and inconveniences introduced with the new update.

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Hideout's name: Secret bases of four masters

Story: Four masters find a suitable zone to establish their own bases in the depths of the overgrown forests..Their names are Zana's 'Map Research Area',Alva's 'Cursed Vaal Place'(with Catarina's help),Einhar's 'Plentiful Market' and Niko's 'Time to jump in time to jump through Time Machine'..And Jun is discovering this place while wandering in forest and wants to join them...

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Hi, these are my two submissions for the Hideout competition:

1. Overgrown temple (Nature taking over)
2. Niko's Mountain mine

Each scene is accompanied by a short narration. NPC’s are placed with their function in mind and convenience. Zana next to the map device, stashes and crafting bench with the waypoint close by with Jun and Navali.

First hideout only uses 1 MTX, Arcane flame.

Imgur Album:

A preview:

1. Overgrown temple (Nature taking over)

Einhar seems to have found a new friend, a curious little creature having fun in poppy fields. Both are surrounded by falling leaves and covered in sunshine. Cacti are all grouped up in a small sun bathed area while opposite to them, in the shadows of the tall trees, succulents and other small flowering plants have found their home. Just like those plants Helena doesn’t seem to enjoy the harsh sunshine.

Niko has fund an entrance to the Azurite mine and is more than happy to explore it. There is some moisture coming from the entrance going along the north wall where some mushrooms and moss seem to be thriving in the shadows. Jun and Navali are staying close to the waypoint ready to leave if needed.

More of the mysterious working mechanism appears. Coming up the temple stairs, located in the middle, is a what appears to be some sort of sacrificial device. On a closer look it seems to be some sort of a map device, creating gateways leading to other worlds. There appears to be a complex inner network underneath the plants, a silently grinding mechanism powering the map device and the rest of the temple. Western forest seems more ominous, with the dark fog seeping through its trees.

The top of the temple is surrounded by different tropical trees and plants, oddly there is not much moisture for the plants there, the reflections from all the gold objects and coins surrounding an emerald ox statue are creating an isolated hot habitat. Most of this part of the temple still feels unconquered by the plant world; apart from a few bricks being misplaced. Alva is standing on the emerald and gold brick path leading to the emerald statue. She is certain she has found a secret way into the temple.

2. Niko's Mountain mine

What an alien world, fire and toxic steam emanate from the sulphite deposit vents, but the air is so cold that even the snow next to them has not melted. Sulphite is everywhere; everything seems to be covered in it! Some plants and mushrooms adapted and are still thriving here against the odds.

Zana is supervising the map device while Jun is tracking the syndicate connections and meticulously marking the rivalries.

Over a long, wobbly bridge lit with candlelight there is an Azurite grotto with steam seeping from it. Entrance is covered with a glow worm colony giving it an eerie shine and showing the true beauty of the crystalline structure.

Inside, sulphite is broken down and energy is fed to the mining equipment, this process could be the source of the outside fog.

Niko is standing in front of the main cave entrance. Candles offer their light throughout the mine but he is saving some flares in his belt, just in case.

Looks like Niko has been busy hording treasures from his mine. Alva is studying ancient remains of what appears to be a place of worship. Bones are scattered around the small object, indicating a sacrificial altar.

Einhar is studying skeletal remains trapped in ice, wondering how they came here in first place?! He is excited, hard at work filling out the Bestiary with one of the more complete specimens. He only ever got a glimpse of a similar one while fishing with Krillson, wondering if this area was submerged at some point.

Once the work is done for the day, Helena is making sure everyone is sheltered, warm and fed.

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