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Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Theme ~ Bloodborne (no mtx)

would any souls game be complete without a fog gate?

prepared for the hunt? ~

The healing church has sealed its doors

"You! You! Give us Smooth! Yes! You! Give us Silky!"

lamps for the hunter to travel back to the hunters dream

Father Gascoigne over sees these parts

a shortcut!

The hunters dream isnt the only place a yarnamite can travel too~

full album

favour feedback thread / suggestions
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dylogys wrote:
ok i dont get image tags
pls someone help me!

Go to images you posted, right-click them, choose "View image", and copy the url you'll get. Then edit your post, click "Image" button and paste the link between img tags. You can click quote at any post that has correct images to check how people do it, btw. ;)

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Hello there! Here's my submission (second one, because I moved the whole thing in another tileset and made some improvements here and there).

Hideout name: Alva's Hidden Treasury.

Hideout tile: Overgrown.



Hideout file:

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So many great hideouts showcased so far, this competition is going to be very hard to decide!

I will be throwing my entry into the Non-MTX category as I hope my hideout is used and loved by all!

Volcanic Tower of Operations
Brutal Hideout

Alva and Jun have worked together to find a new base of operations for the masters to conduct missions from, only accessible from deep beneath an ancient volcano and impenetrable otherwise. The basement of the Volcanic Tower is still smoldering from the immense heat below, with pits of lava held back by special traps Einhar has fashioned. With heat pouring into the main floor of the base, Niko has set up a cultivation room for his Sulphite deposits; looks like it's going well. Zana and Einhar spend their time gazing at each other from across the room, each pretending they don't notice each other. Alva prays worship at her altar, surrounded by foliage to help her visualize the jungle and find the Temple. On your way to the rooftop, you pass a fallen Colossus, that can assist with enchanting your items. Upon the rooftop, Jun is planning her next heist and investigating all syndicate activity. Shrouded by plants and bushes, Navali can guide your future while you enter the Atlas to defeat the Syndicate once and for all.

More Images


Main Floor


The only "MTX" featured in the video and screenshots is the Yellow Canary Pet floating beside Niko, which was a challenge reward from Delve League. I have taken it out for the competition, but if you have the little guy feel free to place him! :D
Hideout: Glacial Hideout

Theme: My take on an ancient Vaal Temple.

Despite the sub zero temperatures, life blooms around the temple entrance.

A sacrificial chamber.

A sacrifice of blood opens a doorway to a place unknown.

The gates of an overgrown temple.

An archway of bone leads you to a doorway.

An abandoned study, housing an ancient shrine and tablet. They appear to still hold untested power. Perhaps they hold the key to allowing life to thrive in this desolate environment.

The remains of a glowing altar. Surrounded by charred remains.

A closer look. Perhaps, to close.

A path leading up.

A burial chamber, the flaming sword of a fallen king still burns.

A spring, pulsing with corruption. It appears to bring life, but at what cost.

Cozy Little Mess - Overgrown Hideout

My hideout submission for the competition and i call it Underground City hideout.

long story short my first time creating a hideout like this and i was inspired by a friend while she was creating her hideout on stream I hope you guys like it.

Video Link :
Hideout download file attached on the video description :)

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greetings and salutations! as you all know, the master grinding is still slow af, so i didnt wanna waste too much time to do it, and made the hideout with what i had! there is not a single mtx (not even the falling leaves you can pick up in the base arboreal), although with just a few mtx parts it would look way better i think!

base: desert hideout

theme: elemental towers

story: so there was a mage, lets call him krillson for example. so the mage had his own tower, and all his research took place in that tower.

well one day, he wanted to cast a massive elemental spell, a very hard and dangerous spell to cast! in order to do that, in each of the 4 parts of the tower, he placed an elemental stone; stones of fire, air, earth, and water. however, the spell backfired and the whole tower blew up and sunk into the ground, with each of the tower parts cursed by the appropriate element.

stone of fire exploded, igniting the surrounding area. any and all vegetation was burned to the ground, with lava still flowing in the region

the area around the stone of earth sunk into the ground, releasing sulfuric gasses into the area. and while it doesnt look as dangerous as the burned area, the gasses still prevent any life from existing

stone of water flooded the area, almost destroying the tower but allowing the plant life to flourish on its remains. this area would look much better with rain mtx, but since im poor af i will have to work without it i guess

the stone of air created a massive explosion that demolished the pillars, leaving only parts on the ground. parts were moved eventually, leaving the trails in the sand. however, the air spell still remains, creating strong winds in the area. sandstorm mtx would look awesome here, but i obviously cant afford that one either so try to imagine that it is there!

of course the transit areas remain affected by the stones around them, thus (hopefully successfully) gradually showing the transition between the areas!

thanks for your time and good luck to everyone in the contest!
kind regars
Hi All!
I would like to present "The Master's Fortress", taking place in the Battle Scarred Hideout.

At the very top, the Master's Level, one finds of course, our masters. Along with an elegant waypoint entrance, a stash shrine full of foliage, the crafting bench, the Master's Hut, and our map device surrounded by treasure. The Master's Level is truly everything you need and everything the enemy wants.

Going to the middle level one would find the fortified entrance to the Masters area. With the Blessing Font as its centerpiece, the area looks heavenly. However, it is prepared for battle with bows and melee weapons readily available. The back side of this level pays tribute to previous masters who have passed, the Master's Tombs.

The lowest level is not so glorious, as the bodies of slain enemies lay to rot from recent battles. Let it be known to all that enter The Master's Fortress without invitation, they are welcome to join the dead at the bottom of the stairs.
However, for a few Exalted Orbs, the masters can promise a quick death.

Master's Level

Stash Shrine

Master's Hut


Master's Tombs


Once there was a young bloodmagic scientist. He was always giddy until nature started creeping into his garden. He installed a beautiful totem to kill all those pesky weeds.

Many years ago he liked to show his collection of curiosities to visitors. These times are long gone.

Over the years of practicing thaumaturgy his mind slowly began to decay and he went mad.

Ritual Chamber

Storage for Rituals


Flesh Storage

Dining Room

At least he is not lonely anymore.

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