Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Theme: Overgrown Hidden Temple Haven

According to ancient texts discovered within its walls, this temple, the center of the layout, was a highly treasured and holy gathering point for ancient travelers. Only those who were strong of mind and body were able to survive the long and arduous pilgrimage far into the thickly overgrown woodlands in the high mountains. Even at that time, this temple had seen more moons pass than there are leaves in the dense surrounding forest. It is believed that this temple had originally belonged to Artemis, Goddess of the hunt and wilderness. Until recently, time made this lost temple a legend. Once rediscovered, it was made into a safe haven, and a community for any Exile in need of a place to rest his head.

Full HD pictures can be seen here:


A traveler has setup his tent and started a fire in order to cook his meal of freshly captured fish.

Pathway from waypoint

Navali, Einhar and Helena in their tent by the fire.

Abandoned/Re-purposed hut. Now used as a crafting/wood cutting area.

Ancient Temple. Now occupied by Alva and Zana.

Pathway from Temple to hideout headquarters.

Old remnants of a graveyard/shrine (to the right), withered away from years of neglect.

Hideout headquarters. Supply shipments also received and stored here.
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I built a hideout without paid decorations!
I've nested some deco together, to create new ones.

I call it-->
"Fiery Fortress Of The Red Sword"

short story: it´s a forgotten island... fiery hot steam rises... heart of the island is a magic sword... called Red Sword... made of red karui stones found in the deep depths of the karui fissure...
but it disappeared!

A small hideout far beneath the earth, deep into the mountains where the sun doesn't reach.
From here you can push into the darkness, going further down into the mine.
If you rather wish, maybe a travel back in time is to your liking, or how about another world? The choice is yours!

This hideout only uses decorations available from masters (no MTX) and an old blessing font to create the light effect above the map device, but that is optional and could be left out.

See some screenshots:

Get it too from here:

Take a quick tour:
Toart's Overgrown Sanctuary

A serene place, untroubled by turmoil and unravaged by recent events, this peaceful refuge is mostly untainted by corruption, merely a glimpse of how beautiful Wraeclast could be. Seated in an elevated position, residing over a vast jungle, this place is sheltered by an array of rocks, a natural fortification against any intruders. This hideout inhabits our companions, old and new.

Helena guards the entrance and a few of her and our belongings. Zana takes care of the mapdevice and the mercantile needs of dreamers alike. While Navali provides spiritual guidance, it's Catarina - not the least bit disgruntled with recent quarrels - who presides over the crafting bench.

Upwards of the entrance, Alva watches a mysterious device, pondering over the acute location of an ancient temple. Given that some remnants of Vaal-Culture can be found here, might that fabled estate be rather nearby? Perhaps Tora can help her around in the wilderness!

On the lower level, Einhar established a lovely location for some impromptu Blood Sacrifice. In a moment of misunderstanding, he not only captured one of Navali's monkeys, but also a clearly miffed Vagan and Malcontent - at least that's what he understands to be Vorici's name.

The Residence crowns the highest place in this jungleside getaway. Elreon stoically wards the scattered remains of his library, while Haku oversees the traditional preparation of a rhoa, pound-vor-pound-seasoned with salt and tenderized with this Karui Maul. The Experimentation on Sulphite-Extraction is handled by Niko and Leo, to the extent, that we don't have to enter the Mines for Azurite anymore.


While this is "the story", the real deal is that this hideout was created with two goals in mind: To be very functional and nice to look at, the rest is just fluff - like pretty much every hideout. Also the screenshot's don't really do reflect to how nice it has come out ingame, especially the slow-moving trees with falling leaved and the bird-chirps in the background are creating a tranquil atmosphere. If you're wanting to try it, I've uploaded the Hideoutexport to maybe I'd upload to some community-hideout-page also. There shouldn't be any $-MTX in it, though the April-First-Rhoa and Navali's Monkey-Pet aren't available to everybody, to a lesser extend also the Blessing-Font-Light-Beam is rather legacy. If you try it out, please let me know ingame, I'd be delighted!

Edit: Not the smartest idea to post 1920 pixels of width, when the forum only displays 675. Changed to some cropped and downsized imaged. Originals at
Edit2: It has come to my attention, that the falling Leaves are MTX currently. Pretty sure I bought them for Favour, or did I get them out of some Box some long time ago? *shrug*
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So instead of the usual dark dreary, prison cell, ritual sacrifice, molten lava, torture chamber type of hideout; I decided to go with something a little more upbeat....
The theme of this hideout is: Luxury meets Nature.


Here is my participation : Island's city and the temple of Tsoagoth

Based on Coral HO, max décorations. A city on an island. A lot of pilgrims come to pay hommage to Tsoagoth.
Many sailors come with the hope of favorable winds ...

The vidéo :

good luck to evberybody :)


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Hello fellow Exiles,

i wanted to share my idea of an Hideout with you. Imagin a long forgotten Crypt Hall wich was nearly davastating destroyed by a volcano eruption. My Fellows and i found this Hall, tried our best to mend it as good as we were able to. Now we gather our strenghts in here to fight against all the dangerous things out there in Wreaclast.

This is my participation for the Contest
so it is still a WIP(after the contest ends) but i hope you enjoy the idea behind it. Following there are some Pictures of my hideout, feel free to discover.

At last but really not at least a big THANK YOU to all of you guys at GGG, awesome work what u did and still do with this game.

so long

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Here is my hideout. Hope you like it

Hello everyone, here's my submission:

Glacial Hideout - "Fading Hope"

"Somewhere in the ̶M̶i̶d̶d̶l̶e̶-̶e̶a̶r̶t̶h̶ Wraeclast there is a place
with beautiful nature, brave heroes, hard-working citizens, where everyone lives in peace... until one day..."

P.S.I've tried to give a main idea but leave room for everyone's imagination here in terms of the small details and outcome of the "final battle", hope you enjoy :)
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Good to see hideout event
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