Path of Exile Hideout Competition

My 2nd entry, got this small mining village called "Smallville" somewhat ready, but still wanted to try to rank it into the competition. :)
The hideout is decorated by me, and if it seems similar to someone elses similar glacial hideout, it's pure coincidence.

The full list of images can be found from my imgur page:

Here are some sample of what the little mining village looks like:

The waypoint is fitted inside a house, but is still fully functional

Locals have their way to worship pagan gods to survive the harsh enviroment

Zana is also inside a house, and as the waypoint, you are capable to talk to her from the doorway

Entrance to mines

Other masters discussing with Niko about the fact that his mining operation is devastating to the woods nearby, that are catching fire from the extreme heat that comes from the mines

PS. as with my other hideouts, if someone wants the file, pm me and I'll try to figure how to share it.
The Gem Shrines (Coral hideout)

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NO MTX - Hideout

"Kaom's Legacy"

Hideout base - Cartographer's

Nicest portal to use with "Fire Portal Effect"

Masters Area

Waypoint and transition

Map Device Volcano

The Dragon Hideout
The Aesthetics of Evil
The Garden of the Ancients
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Here's my submission(s):

Tala Moana Beach Resort

Tired of fighting all day long?
Want to enjoy a well deserved rest?
Don't hesitate! Book now at the best hotel in Wraeclast!

Here is first a Brochure of the hotel

And an example of what people think of us

And here, some more image, to get an idea of the atmosphere

Here is a link to the full album
and the video.


The waypoint

The beach

Alva's beach accessories

Beach front stores and youth hostel

Best fishing place in Wraeclast!

Don't pee in the water! We got you covered!

Hotel entrance

Hotel Loby/Restaurant and Kitchen

The Terrace with sea sight

Access to the activities area

Activities area

Vaal lost village

Alva and the exile found the coordinate of an unknown waypoint in the lost temple. What they discovered surpassed what they could have imagined! A Vaal village, with people!!

Here is a link to the full album
and the video.


The waypoint and the first houses

Entrance to the marketplace

The marketplace

Entrance to the map device area

Map device areas

Locked down riches

Entrance of the sacrifice area

Sacrifice area

Hope you like it!
Ruins of the Blood temple - Coral hideout

Hideout Theme:
Ruins of an old temple, Some of it is built by the Vaal, but parts of it seem even older. Beach has been fortified to repel constant attacks by an unknown faction. Using thaumaturgy Zana has finally unlocked the secrets of old map device inside the temple, it feeds on flesh and blood of the sacrificed.
Skeletal Hideout ^_^
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Portal Shrine

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Here some of the hightlights in my "Mysterious Beach Landing".



My Stately Hideout submission for the competition.

-Jungle of Sacrifice-

Good luck to everyone and have fun! :)
My Arboreal Fortress

Welcome to my Hideout Showcase.

Hideout Video - YouTube

My Hideout is a fortress under siege by the Oriath Imperium.
There is no escape for the exiles. So they trust their masters and their abilities to rescue them all.

Niko found a way to use the Azurite to power up the map device so Zana can find a way out of this dead end. But it's not that easy...

Our journey begins at the entrance of our fortress. Barricades are up and Vagan is ready to fight!

This is the Mine entrance where Niko is drilling for Azurite and processing it into fuel for the map device.

In Nikos Workshop you can use the power generated by azurite to craft and enchant powerfull weapons and armour.

The power is being transformed from the workshop into the generators they have the ability to keep up the portal devices so our exile can travel safe.

Here you can see the Map Device Control Panel.

After you put a mapstone into the socket it opens up the portals.

Navali is protecting the goods of the exile and is intrigued how the exile still isn't dead yet... because the prophecy shows a mastermind behind all this.

Yun knows the prophecy about the mastermind, and is trying to find out who is behind all this.

She keeps some enemies captured.. and others land on the pile.

Zana knows, there must be something inside these portals that can help them to end this siege and end the reign of the oriath empire.

Katarinas spirit seems suspiciously quiet between the graves of the fallen exiles.

At the border of the jungle, Alva. She doesn't trust anyone and thinks the best way to win this battle is, to obtain the power of the old Atzoatl Architects.

Einhar put up his base nearly to Alva, to capture wild beast and use their meat to feed the exiles.

Helena is trying to keep the people calm, organizes food and water for the wounded people in the quarter


This is the Gate to the Fortress, Vorici installed some traps on the ground to keep the Oriath away, but they are still trying their luck

Many soldiers died already and and the ground is full of blood and innards

The corpse pile gets bigger and the smell gets worse, maggots eat the eyes of the innocent oriath people that get used to trigger the traps.

Oriath Camp - two wounded soldiers

Oriath Camp - The misstress is giving orders

Oriath Camp - Catapult is ready

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