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Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Scorched Hideout
Theme: Active Volcano

"It probably wasn't a good idea to build a camp near an active volcano."
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Iangyratu wrote:
Tilianara wrote:
My first post on forum with my first Betrayal hideout :)

Have fun and stay safe, Exiles! See you somewhere in the atlas, fighting with monsters, Syndicate members, in Atzoatl temple or mining deep into the delve. Good luck to all participants <3

Good luck! I like that you added subtitles to explain your decoration choices! :)

Thank you :)
Hi. My plan is to create 7 HO fro each playable character respectively. Here's my first submussion with HO for witch.


Whole HO:

Here's my 2nd submission with another character-themed HO. Now it's Templar turn.


Whole HO:

Thanks! There will be post with Lush HO for Ranger from another account soon.
If you enjoy any of my ho's and want to use them - PM me.
Baleful Hideout - Necromancy Chambers

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The Valley of Forgotten Gods
"Lost in the vast Vastiri Desert, Helena uncovered a valley with ruined shrines of old gods that were forgotten by most but still hold with them, powerful secrets of the past."

Inspired by ancient desert ruins like those in Egypt and the setting from Diablo 2's Second Act, this hideout is made with "Desert Ruin" theme. Wanted to make a hideout that was outdoor and well lit by default to give it that sunny desert vibe.


Video Tour:

Hideout File:

This hideout contains some paid hideout microtransactions such as pets and light effects but it is totally NOT required and can be removed without affecting the hideout.


As you open the wagon door, the scorching sun shines upon you and you are greeted by Jun who is busy instructing the servants to carefully handle the ancient artifacts excavated from the ruined temples.

Helena watches over the camp and studies the secrets of the ruined temple of the forgotten gods.

Niko utilizes his powerful drilling machine to break through the rocks blocking the way deeper into the valley.

Alva discovers an ancient Vaal ancestral tomb hidden deep underground and loots the spoils within.

Zana studies the ancient inscriptions on the tablet and tries to figure out how the primitive ancient gods had access to the atlas of worlds...

Einhar admires and pay tribute to the ancient God of Hunt.

Navali studies the ancient statues of the Gods of Fate to learn more about the future.

Greenery sprouts all around this secluded oasis that once served a much bigger purpose...

Thank You.
[3.7]Chaos Agnostic - CRAZY Life & Mana Sustain!!!:

[S1E8]Hideout of the week, Mausoleum of Bones:
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Hello my dear exiles, this year i will try to participate in hideout competition too :)

So, this is my hideout, the topic is: Fanatics Stately hideout of the fanatics
After Kitava's defeat, exile lost his mind (thanks to using corrupted vaal gems)
Now he is the god, and he made his new palace in the remianings of the old Oriath soldiers barracks. With his blind followers, he will reach the highest ascesion, making all sacrifices, that will be required.

Oriath soldiers tried to take their old barracks back, but follwers were much stronger than they could suspect…

Here we go with our main camp, it's a place, when we got hunters camp, they are searching for sources of a food...and slaves for sacrifices. We also got our loyal blacksmith, Haku.

In the small room, Navali, prophet of the new god got her chamber

Also we got our quartermaster Niko, with all tools and resources we need.

We also got some living quarters inside of the main building for followers

Now lets take a look at the main sacrifice chamber, we got here vaal and kitava statues, after all...they are quite importand, when it comes to sacrifice. It is also our armory, Oriath soldiers left a lot of stuff here.

Helena is a cruel doctor, looking for a new paths of destrucion for our exile

And thats how our throne chamber looks like, we got here a torturę room, cages with slaves, place for offering and a table to dine with most appreciated followers

My attempt to bring a piece of Norse mythology into dark and gloomy world of Wraeclast.

...a few exiles in their wanderings came across the abandoned temple. As it became known a little later (thanks to Zana's observations) in this temple unknown predecessors worshipped the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination and magic whom they called Freyja. Exiles decided that this foreign goddess reminds them of the Solaris, Eternal Sun and without thinking twice they decided to found their settlement here.

"The heart" of the temple - sacred Altar of Seiðr which was built by brave scandinavian warriors for the praise Freyja's might and incredible beauty that no man could resist. Exiles settled in the least destroyed temple rooms around an altar.

Map Room
A mighty tree in the corner of this room is Yggdrasil - “the friend of the clear sky” - which is holding and connecting all worlds together by its branches and roots. Statue of Heimdall - "a vigilant guardian of the gods’ stronghold" - is erected next to world tree. Here he watches and listens, ready to waken up and protect this world even at the cost of his own life, or nearly so.

Alley of Valkyries
On the west side of the temple is the Alley of Valkyries - "choosers of the slain" - maiden warriors who who served the goddess Freyja and choose those who may die in battle and those who may live.

Everyone found a personal place in this hideout:

Helena lodged near the roots of Yggdrasil, because its mighty view inspires tranquility and helps her to find composure. Navali joined her but only because she decided that this place is perfect for her learning the Seidr magic associated with runes, the wheel of fortune and other forms of divination.

Einhar cares for animals whom exiles found in this place, especially for mysterious creature he called Icy (probably it's pet of Jotuns - Frost Giants from another world).

As soon as Niko saw the temple, he exclaimed "I could help with the house" and began to make fancy tools which will help under repair.

Zana continues her researches the origins of this place - that is why she fixedly studies each plaque in search of any unnoticed scrap of information.

Jun and Alva spend the most part of time in the center of the alley, ready to open the gates to their own worlds and places.

Most of the exiles are busy with their own affairs - some are fishing, some are raising the children, some are looking after the stable, while the others took the horses and went to reconnaissance, some are repairing the broken cart...not all of them are happy, but each one is safe and alive. What can be better in these dark and horrible times?

I tried to to sustain stylistics of the hideout in the main key points which associated with Freyja:

- medieval Scandinavian architecture, that means the everything is created from a stone and a wood.

- the wild and untamed forces of nature, therefore we see the ruins which are buried in flowers and trees, but not the luxurious and monumental new temple.


Hope you'll like it!
Freyja's Sanctuary HO:
Golden cave

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