Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Dream Island

Let's me entroduce my hideout.
A small island near the coast of Wraeclast.


The proprietress of the island, the prophetess, is always happy to welcome guests.

Cut off from the mainland, it holds many secrets, one of which is a bottomless cave.

Island — a springboard for adventurers and researchers.

The order is followed by a young June.

The island is inhabited by various creatures, the most dangerous of which Einar catches.

The Underground Arena
No hideout MTX were used in my hideout :)

Waypoint or arrival:

Arena, live or die!

The Barracks, fighters need to rest:

Training area, stay sharp and ready for the next fight:

Once the fight is over, the bodies have to be cremated:

Map Device area:

The ruined temple, the fighters pray to their gods:

The garden, to meditate and prepare the mind for the next battle:

The hideout looks way better if you see the effects! :)
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Masters burning the enemy alive, after the interrogation ended. There are many skull piles on the floor from enemies that tried to invade.

The mystical cave Jun uses to bury immortal enemies and the mystical stash that only opens after ofering blood to the flames.

The armory where all the weapons and suits are kept.

The mystical stone Jun uses to summon her portals.

The prisoners waiting for interrogation.

The labyrinth Jun created to hide her treasures. The faces have hidden traps and consume the corpses to regenerate itself. Jun's treasure disapears if anyone but her goes near it.

Jun's Vaal Vessel can summon dragons to attack anyone who tries to avoid the labyrinth from the sky.

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Hello to you! Since I started to play in PoE, I always created my hideout for each league. I like it a lot;) Let me invite you on a journey through my new one.

We start in an industrial friendly entrance. He greets Niko, slightly overwhelmed and scared, as always;)

We go through the entrance

to the main location

Next to the monument to the winners, The Portal of Worlds

to the Great Hunter. Hey Einhar! Your cages are empty! Your welcome, goodbye!

The mysterious altar of an ancient civilization

Next to us we meet the Guardian of the Past

Alva. She did it again, or rather we did;)

Path to the unknown

We meet Jun, our new friend. But she is busy dueling eye to eye with a mysterious opponent

We're coming back through the tunnel. Zana welcomes us with a new mission

We are moving to save the world once more

Thank you for your company, Exiles.
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Forgotten chambers.

Id like to submit my Soul Stealers Necropolis!

I am rather new to the game, have only been playing since Betrayal's beginning. My Hideout is my personal favorite, it may not be the fanciest hide out but with no micro transactions, utilizing what is provided already and earning every bit of my items, slowly i transformed this area. Made the Soul Stealers Necropolis easily accessible and still gives the creepy graveyard feel with items layered on each other to give even cooler effects to what already is great.
Good Luck to all, such a great turn out so far! Really enjoy these competitions POE!
Omega's Hideout in Oriath
Theme: Luxury
Hideout Type:Luxurious Hideout

He is from a hidden Karui Tribe he is blessed by the great Kaom.
He burned the way through in his enemies and earned the freedom from the Oriath Colosseum.

After Kitava broke free he joined in the fight once again and defeated him as the true holder of Kaom's Flame.

Later he bought one of the biggest villa far away from the city, and started to use the Map device to earn more riches, during this hunts he decided to want to be a King.

Hi guys, I am very glad to join this competition. The hideout things is always one of my favorite in this game, as a true place for you and can be super personalized, the limit is your fantasy :).

Here are the pictures,
Garden of Stones
The Center
Blessed by the gold
The Temple
The Throne

Thank you and have a great loot!

League of Extraordinary Exiles

The Cartographer's Hideout is excellent right out of the box, a perfect library or residence for a well-traveled exile. This one has been converted to the underground command center for the fight against the Syndicate. Every master plays a role in supporting the exile's assault.

Start at the waypoint.

Map device active

Stash and map device.

Helena managing the supplies.

Niko guarding the depths.

Einhar being Einhar.

All the portal devices draw from the same arcane technology power source.

Alva operating the Vaal Incursion device.

Zana maintains the map device and charts the atlas.

Jun's portal machinery may not match the elegance of Zana's map device or Alva's incursion tech, but it gets the job done.

A double-dealer looks on.

Navali conducting mystic rituals to glean Catarina's secrets.

This door must head somewhere even cooler.

Hideout showcase (not sure which pet is oinking in the video):
Gday Folks!

Got another entry this time based on the Baleful Hideout tileset.
I made it to look like a terrace garden in the scepter of god tower in Sarn.

Hideout Showcase link:

Some screenshots:

The main entrance with Niko being out of his element and Jun keeping and eye on Zana.

An overgrown map overlooked by Zana.

Alva doing her thing secluded from the others (besides Einhar).

The entrance to the library.

A small library/ study with Navali looking through some books.

Helena's study.

Tala Moana folks!
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A little paradise in the desert, an Oasis for tired travelers! Take a swim in the lake, relax, trade and get ready for your next adventure.

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