Path of Exile Hideout Competition

HO Name: Uglym's Vault

Theme: An overgrown temple lost to the ages filled with riches and luxury from where to start my daily adventures.

Base map: Cartographer


Theme in my hideout is "surviving in the wild", so basically I (and other two exiles) slowly build my base there to be able to survive, sleep, eat and fight.
We build everything from things we find or bring back from our dangerous adventures. Few other friends help us now to grow and expand (masters).

We have place where we work on weapons to be able to fight.

We found few books on our way so there is a way to relax if there is time for that. (we also need some warmth and light so you can see some chopping wood in background)

It is my turn to go and fight so my buddies are currently working on getting us some food.

Here's the place where we work on some bigger net catches.

We met very strange and weird seer on our way and she decided to keep us company. (I have a weird feeling she's not telling me something important)

Here you see where I sleep but also work on transformating stuff into something eatable...

From our much travelling friend Helena, we get fresh news about who and where is currently needed.

You dont see her much, because she's not too big fan of a sun.

And this is the most dangerous place - mysterious woman Zana help us to set up portals to those worlds where we are needed. As you see, some come back in pieces and some not ever...
My hideout: At what cost?

Forgotten Paradise - Arboreal Hideout


This used to be a flourishing village, up until the treasures that lie beneath were discovered. Eventually greed took over and a great battle took place. You can still see the remains of the men and beasts that fought by their sides on the battlefield. Einhar remains to capture and tend to the wild beasts left behind by the destruction. Niko continues his excavation, hauling up the bounty from below via his cave system, while Jun and a few of the last remaining villagers set up camp to stand guard and take care of any robbery attempts. Alva takes refuge in the now crumbled Temple Court, hoping one of her incursions will take her back in time far enough to prevent the devastation caused to her people. Meanwhile, Zana teaches traveling Exile's how to wield the power of the Eternal Tree in order to travel to distant lands in search of assistance. What secrets will they find along the way?

Thank you for taking a look! If you're interested in seeing any of my other creations this league, feel free to check out my forum post:
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Hideout Showcase 2019 by GEXMARC Theme-ARENA
in Robber's Trench hideout

Thank you for taking a look!

Thanks To GGG to keep updating Hideout Decoration and For this Competition
Here is my hideout "Purgatory" it's a Evil versus Good theme with a mad scientist crafting area.


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I make this video what shows of my lil'l cosy hideout for misfits.
I posted pictures all ready for this competition but didn't find the post so I post this here.
I used custom shaders and stuff, I think game looks better with em.
Anyway video seems bit laggy.. maybe I should have save it in ssd... but too lazy to do new one.

Here it is:

Good luck to all of you. You guys have some amazing hideouts, make me almost shamed about mine, but I still love. That's why I'm almost always there....
and cuz I sell lotsa crap. =D

- Curcrerer/meenie
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Sunken Hideout

Without MTX


Welcome to The Research Palace.

The Headquarters

The Hallway

The Throne Room

Heading out to Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence.

Map off

Map On

Thanks for looking at my hideout! Have a good one :)
Hectic Homely Hamlet Hideout

My hideout was designed to have a town hub feel to it, showing off the various new masters in convenient and highlighted locations. The hideout sacrifices very little quality of life and utility while maintaining its look. All of the old masters are included in the area as well, in case you've ever missed old Vagan and his ear bending ;)
IGN: Newominus

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