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Path of Exile Hideout Competition

"Ethereal Hideout"

What I love most about this game besides the story is the massive world where we get to walk and fight in, the amazing effects, the beautiful pets, and the way light moves and feels in the game. It feels really special and I wanted to express that in my hideout and make it a safe comforting, fantasy like, ethereal place to wander in. :)

I loved creating it!

xx LayDxM / Polarforest
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So ive made an abandoned castle on the coast the idea is that its was abandoned by the oriathians and left to crumble until an exile decided it would make a great place to setup a base of operations, i wanted it to appear that it was a work in progress to getting it up to livable conditions and i wanted there to be plenty of things to look at that attempt to tell a slight story of how the castle operated when it was in its prime

This is my first league really playing the game, I checked it out a bit in Incursion and Delve, but now I'm here to stay, and I love making and improving my hideout, so this contest is right up my alley, although I only have a league's worth of favor for decorations, so I did my best with what I had. :)

Chamber Of The Protectorate

A place where the Exile has gathered his/her trusted allies in an effort to organize and maintain an agency of peace and order in the world.

This dark and secluded catacomb was chosen for it's ample space and sturdy foundation, as well as it's ominous entrance, making stray visitors unlikely.

No MTX have been used in the creation of this hideout. (SFW)

Gallery in Spoiler

 <-- If you want to import my template :)

Good luck to everyone else, I love a lot of what some of you guys have done, it's a tough choice for a winner for sure. :D
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Layers of madness

Its a forgotten place that has been found and are now used again.

"The Hidden Oasis"

There are a tale about an ancient secret monument of Vaal civilization in a Hidden Oasis. For make this temple works again, our investigation group, composed of the best elements in their categories, works on the reactivation of his mechanism.

We have a specialist of depths secrets Niko, a renamed archeologist Alva Valai, three savages Navali Einhar and Tora, that can orientate our investigation group in this oasis and some researchers like Zana, Leo, Jun and Helena.

Apparently, that mechanism could works with a rare resource, that called ... "Azurite". Our group have the chance to mine this Azurite, near the temple !

Video of "Hidden Oasis" Hideout :

The entrance of Oasis :

Encampment of the Investigation group :

Encampment of the Investigation group :

Entrance of Vaal's temple :

Vaal's temple :

Mechanism of Vaal's temple :

Road between Vaal's temple and the encampment of savages:

Encampment of the savages:

Encampment of the savages:
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The Nightmare of Electrician Hideout.

Somehow (the reason is my PC probably) I have some issues (but its fun) with lights in my HO. So it looks like a bad dream of an electrian :)

I recorded two videos just to show that this light issues may be different:

I made my hideout, first ever which I'm happy to have it.


Good day. I want to present you my refuge. It does not use paid scenery, and its value is within two million points. At the bottom there is a link to download.
Please do not pay attention to my English, because I used a translator.

Subject of refuge: a quiet, quiet settlement, where there is no blood, violence and other terrible things.








all picture

download hideout

See you!
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