Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Azurite Miner's Hideout

This is the place where the most insane and addicted miners live. These people have become so increadibly addicted to finding azurite veins, that the have decided to live right in the mine.

This is where they live

As you can see, they don't care much about living in a fancy place, or sleeping in confortable beds. They are here for the thrill of mining. All them live in a small row of houses, which are at the verge of collapsing. This doesn't bother them at all.

The Masters have decided to join them in the hideout. They are here to serve them, provide them with food and entertainment, all in return for some of their precious findings ofcourse

Einhar and Alva, preparing a nice rhoa dinner for whenever the miners come out of the mine.

Helena and Navali's evil corner. This is where Navali does all her future telling magic. The miners love Navali especially, since she tells them all about how increadibly lucky they will be on their next trip down the mine.

Jun's corner. She imprisons syndicate members, which the miners can throw rocks at, as a form of entertainment. On display today is Catarina. The miners will be deligted when they see her in the cage.

Zana, being the master cartographer, tells the miners about the outside world, which they rarely get to see.

Here's the mine's sulphite deposit. Sulphite is essential for the working of the large mining machinery, found in the azurite mine. The entrace of the hideout can also be found here.

Here's the rails which allow for the the moving of sulphite and azurite from and to the entrance of the cave. They didn't put much effort into the rails, so minecarts derailing are quite common. Theres also some spare machinery here.

Now we get to the azurite mine itself.
The large mining machinery in the centre allows the miners to take an elevator deeper down in the cave, and supplies the energy for everything needed down there. All the miners are down there, working hard as always. Niko is at the top, currently doing some maintenance work on the machine. He is absolutely obsessed with the mine, and could never let the machine malfunction.

This is also where the crafting bench is found, allowing for quick repait work for all the tools and machines used here.

The azurite mine is said to be infintely deep, however the sulphite is limited. Their current deposit should be enough for the next couple months, but they have to get started on looking for more sulphite, as they want to reach the bottom, of this bottomless mine.

------Lore over

Heres an album of images, in case some of them didn't work in the post.

I was mostly finished with the hideout weeks ago, but I kept doing minor ajustments over the past couple weeks. This is the first time I've done a proper hideout, so it was quite the struggle. Im sure a lot of us are in this situation. I was even concidering tearing down the whole azurite mine part, and Im still haveing secong guesses about wether that decoration works well or not, but I'll keep it as it is now.
I didn't use any purchasable hideout decorations (or at least I hope I didn't use one from a mystery box accidentally)

I think I got a little bit carried away with the "lore", but it's nearly 11pm and I need to wake up early tomorrow...

Good luck to everybody participating
My first post on forum with my first Betrayal hideout :)

I love to decorate my ho. And I always create a story behind it. This time it is a story about little mining town on an island, where tragic cataclysm occurred. Evil Catarina started to drain magic deep from the earth and beyond, from Vaal temple, which caused earthquake. Wild layers of sulphite erupted in an azurite mine. Many miners were injured, some are still buried under. But Niko, mad, but also wise is trying to help them and he surely will do.

Cataclysm also revealed ancient ruins of giants, that were sunken under the sea for centuries. In those ruins sleeps still very powerful magic, that Zana, Jun, Einhar and Navali are trying to tap to discover a way to defeat Immortal Syndicate. The key to this defeat lies behind sealed door. Will they found a way to open them?

... Who knows :)

Have fun and stay safe, Exiles! See you somewhere in the atlas, fighting with monsters, Syndicate members, in Atzoatl temple or mining deep into the delve. Good luck to all participants <3
Tilianara wrote:
My first post on forum with my first Betrayal hideout :)

Have fun and stay safe, Exiles! See you somewhere in the atlas, fighting with monsters, Syndicate members, in Atzoatl temple or mining deep into the delve. Good luck to all participants <3

Good luck! I like that you added subtitles to explain your decoration choices! :)
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Desperate Measures

A riverside town built on the ruins of a fallen temple, now besieged by the undead.
With corpses piling up at the barricades too quickly to be disposed of, and restless ancestors now rising within the once safe walls, the living must do the unspeakable.

They must rebuild the temple and once more fulfill its dark purpose.

Alva the thaumaturge was not cheap, but ancient texts hidden by the cultists of old are too tempting an offer. While her time was bought by relics, thaumaturgy has a darker price...

Thank you for checking out this hideout, Exiles

Several pieces of MTX were harmed in the making of this hideout.
My First ever hideout.

Hope people like it.

Untold Secrets ~ Overgrown Hideout

This is my first ever hideout submission!


Blackguard Skirmish

New link because youtube sucks at processing edits.
Check out and post there to support having solo-only and party-only event modes!
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Bayou Ruins

The crumbling ruins of a city in a marshy bayou hint at its former glory. Water floods the unstable foundations, while trees, vines, and mushrooms cover the ancient stonework.

I designed this hideout as a challenge to myself to utterly convert the Undercity Hideout. My goal was to turn this dark sewer into a mysterious, lush and even romantic hideout.

Full size images:


Not a winner BUT a Participant 3Head
Tomb of the Saints

Theme of the hideout is a resting place for all the characters I've had that have died since I started playing many many years ago. Visually I tried to hit a sacred almost cathedral/church like feeling with plenty of light, candles and plant life where appropriate.

The Entrance. I used some light beams to accent the trees and help them pop a bit.

The main room, in the center is the map device. On either side you have two well maintained tombs, bones and grave markers all about to house my MANY afk deaths.

Then a few shots with the map device active, using MTX portal effect to help it fit with the theme. More candles and more light, as well as a few screenshots of the side areas.

Last portion is the side room, which is a lot smaller than it looks. I was able to increase the space available by placing the outer wall on the bridge to the left so that the actual wall was hanging off the edge, that way I had full access to what little floorspace there was. You can see Zana enjoying her sofa tastefully accented by lots of bones.

A final screenshot to tie it all together, portals and all.

MTX used was 2 light beams for the garden in front, some falling leaves and the portals. The light beams aren't necessary at all and the falling leaves can be replaced by blowing leaves (forget who sells it, I think einhar) which I actually used in the interior. Portals are just a nice touch, but because there's such limited space the hideout looks best without portals up I think so that effect can be skipped if you're replicating.

A Preview:

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